Vox Pop: I’m not rich enough to go home for full price

Guy: "Should be benefits for humans. After all, for example, students are not yet have gained, which wantedand in life. And it turns out that we were deprived of certain rights. "
Lady: "I read about the benefits — it is bad, of course. We do not earn enough, and if you cancel the benefits that we then we general do? "
Guy: "I live in Gomel and therefore, naturally, against repeal of benefits. Cause I do not such software to drive home at full price."
Lady: "Let it be, people need incentives. How so?"
Guy: "I’m negative, because every day I go to college and I this drive will cost twice as much."
Reporter: "How do you feel about abolition of privileges?"
Man: "I — for. After work, work, and someone does not do anything and get the benefits."
Lady: "I think the benefits may not be canceled. That we live so well? We very many people who do not get a lot of money. Because we can not revoke privileges, under any circumstances, and in fact so hard to live. It’s still early. "
Guy: "bad attitude, because the student himself, in the midst of many disabled relatives. And nothing decent cancellation of privileges will not. "
Man: "You know, I’m against the abolition of privileges. Pensioner I myself, my mother — a participant of the war, and it is this cancellation spread. She too hard, I help her. Large families — you what? Now I have four grandchildren — buy drugs — Tanya and purse. But police, prosecutors need to cancel this. "
Woman: "With the examples that have been previously, we know that our authorities to allocate funds to the desired channel has not yet learned. And at this stage of development of our country, I believe, cancellation of privileges will impact negatively on our budget, also on the attitude of young people and the owners of these benefits to the state and its policies. In short, I’m against. "

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