Vyachorka: Germany wants to build Belarus in the European family

On the last working day of the visit, they will hold several meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany and in the offices of leading political parties in this country.
One of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 SLM Vintsuk Vyachorka in an interview Radio Liberty said:
"We basically had to hear from the main figures that define the eastern policy of Germany, and their desire to build Belarus in European civilization, values, economic, and eventually political family of nations.
Fundamentally also that persists fundamentally German position regarding the release of political prisoners, the democratization of the electoral law and practice for the harassment of political activity. " .
June 29, Belarusian politicians vorachivayutsya plane home.
• According to the views of Vick, combined or not — it’s the opposition itself, 28.06.2007

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