Warsaw was the premiere of» EPA» n play by play Kureichik

"Heaven" — is the title of a music club, which with great difficulty passing through 10s bureaucratic offices, open minchane young to have a place "where they could dance free people" and listening to music on Belarusian language.
But the club survived for long because of "municipal reketu" and refusal to pay a bribe, its owner was behind bars.
"There goes the whole fight in the main in the minds of the Belarusians. How can live when around decrees, some threat, lack of freedom? We want to show people, who live Belarus, does not differ from us. Deals exclusively in that some of the things they have to speak slowly, because they can not, as we go out and read about them on the street, "- says Andrzej Andrzejewski, who plays Nikita in the play — the owner of the club and informal group favorite Minsk youth .
"Heaven" — is tragikamedyya, which critics praised for showing the common situation in which ordinary Belarusian helpful, not opposition or human rights activist. Hall during performances — full.
Blood says Belarusian rapper, who plays in the play itself.
"I have the greatest memories. Important thing is that the play compels thinking. There is in it and joyous moments and such that crawl run, but we think. Without some great ideology, but simply litsezreem is that at the moment going on — all these nonsense. "

Warsaw audience at the premiere of» ers play "Sky" by A. Kureichik
Actors thank the audience at the premiere of» ers play "Sky" by A. Kureichik

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