We call on the public grantososami!

Council of Ministers adopted a special resolution regarding the projects and programs of international technical assistance. According to official data, in it, namely, hit "Promoting the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol Republic of Belarus"" Healthy Family "," Regional Action programm TACIS 2006. "
As said, "Freedom" coordinator TACIS Branch Office of the Consulate of the European Commission in the Republic of Belarus Vladislav Mihnevich fate of international projects in the government solved very slowly:
"A massive system of registration and approval of projects. Authorities did not fit into the allotted time. This is not quite the right approach, that the Prime Minister signed a government decree on the registration and approval of the project by 5 thousand dollars?"
Government as necessary from the government decree will aggressively keep under control the implementation of approved projects. Among supervisors international aid — Ministry of Emergency Situations, Labour and Social Welfare, Education, Minsk and Vitebsk Regional Executive.

"U.Mihnevich: In Belarus, a massive system of registration and approval of projects"

But the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, such control is not useful. International Helsinki Federation, which was going to bring through BHC project TACIS, has not received the consent of the country.
"We did a project that was adopted TACIS aid program there and met ex-servicemen and their rehabilitation, — says Tatiana Protko BHC chairman. — In particular, those people, those which were special points. He was so made that meet certain state programmke assistance to citizens of Belarus. If they gave it for approval municipal institutions, the Ministry of Defence said that he does not need such a project. Unfortunately, we have an organization that have in the eyes of some countries such a reputation that you can not work with them. "
"Either you called in any offices" grantososami "?
"Grantososami" call to the public. Was televised broadcast, which tells the situation with BHC and where he wasto say that we do not want to pay taxes on these grants. I applied to the court for insulting the honor and merit. But the tribunal did not even accepted the case for review. "
The fate of the BHC initiative realized about fifteen 10-s other TACIS projects where cooperation supposed zabugornyh and Belarusian participants. Among them, for example, four draft cross-border cooperation.

T.Protko: Belarus has an organization which, according to the country, you can not work "

"All they are focused on improving the quality of life of border regions — says Vladislav Mihnevich. — In all spheres of life in the environment, making contacts. A burning problem at the moment — the fight against waste, recycle them. Next — the development of tourism, aqua and cycling. "
Do the utility of such international assistance? Belarusian Children’s Hospice participated in the project in the framework of TACIS, which ended last year. Deputy chairman of the public charity Khudyakov Ira says:
"With our project, I believe, in Belarus, Minsk, created the first hospice for adults. Well, when investments are in the country, even in this form. This is an investment for the development of our health care. I believe that it is very significant support in particular for public organizations and for the country as a whole. "
• Confiscated property BHC, 6.12.2006
• MEPs require complete program from TACIS, 24.04.2006

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