We refuse to vote

Now the creators of Appeal tried to go to the reception to the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich Belarus. What came of it?
"When we started to ask, so we went to the Attorney General, the prosecutor’s office employee threatened us that we would call the police and taken to the land."
Which reach accusers? Natalia Kamzanava son asks to reconsider the case, who was convicted for drug trafficking after, he lamented the police for beating. Lady believes that revenge offspring:
"I did not also achieved. I police beat disabled son. He had to put in a clinic, but in November I can not get a response to their complaints. "
Each of the signatories of the appeal has its own history. Retired Vasily Kruglyakov lament complaining that Tipo illegally deprived of his apartment. But Valentina Baidak, she said, to several 10-s thousand rubles robbed the lawyer, to which she applied for legal aid.
But in most cases these people do not protect themselves, and close relatives: sons, daughters, wives. Dweller Novopolotsk Vladimir Jurba reaches cancel illegal, as he believes the sentence-entrepreneur wife Lena Bochurnaya. Peasant believes that with respect to it was not just a miscarriage of justice, and order execution. Galina Yubko requests to punish the real killers sister. According to her, the investigator in the wrong, but at the moment the power covers guilty investigator. There is a lady claim to the Attorney General Vasiljevic sovereign:
"Vasilevich put only autographs, and the merits are not considered."
Told her story and Lyudmila Samusenko. And then drew a line for everyone:
"We are all one connects voedinyzhdy total failure. This is something that does not understand and do not want to change anything. Did judicial error and left, we give only unsubscribe".
From the structure of the General Prosecutor citizens went to Liberty Square to the Town Hall and there spread its appeal to journalists to boycott the elections.
"We made sure by example, Belarusian bureaucrats firmly violate the law. Because we lawlessness reigns. Adoption of new laws in such circumstances will only contribute to impunity and cover it. We invite all who suffer from the arbitrariness of officials to join us and openly declare boycott of the elections, "- said in the appeal.
The police did not interfere with the creator of the appeal to talk to journalists. Developments near the town hall followed security officers in civilian clothes.

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