Week in Belarus in photo: 14 — 19 May

May 14. White-red-white flag in the center of Minsk

May 15. Myron posted white-red-white flag on arrival at the Vitebsk
May 15. Stickers calling suspend settlement building monuments center of Grodno
May 15. At 6 pm on Nemige appeared a big banner "Freedom Malady", Minsk

May 15. The exhibition devoted to Eliza Azheshtsy, Grodno

May 16. Day of solidarity in Mogilev

May 16. Prayer solidarity about St. Joseph’s Church in Minsk

May 17. Management "BPF Youth" states a press conference about the intention to hold a May 20 letter to the student gang protest against the abolition of privileges

May 18. Action organization "New Way" against cancellation of privileges students, Minsk

May 19. Installing a monument at the grave of Vladimir Pleschenko, Vitebsk
May 19. Founding Conference public organizations liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy "Liquidator" in Minsk

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