Week in Belarus in photo: May 26 — June 1

May 26. First day of the Congress of the United Democratic Forces

That makes itt MAZ for transporting detained near the venue of the congress?

Protection Congress negotiates with the police to work together

Rescued from the heat normally

Representatives of municipal television had to shoot action outside

In the lobby of the Palace of Culture of MAZ — posters with a picture of "Young Front" Aleh Korban, Boris Goretskogo Anastasia Palazhanka, Alexey and Dmitry Yanushevski Hveradruka. Tribunal over they must begin on May 28.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Congress Alexander Bukhvostau hour before the Congress

The registration for VIP-guests

One of the first came last Congress deputy general Valery Frolov

Congress delegates continue regitsya. There is a record in the fraction: fraction of the Social Democrats, "Regions for freedom" Milinkevich, Joint civilian Party BPF Party of Communists Belarusian and "Alliance of Labour."

Last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky prepared a special appeal to Congress

First briefing for accredited journalists

Congress has received accreditation guest salting U.S. to Belarus Karen Ewart St»

In the midst of foreign guests — Russian State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov and Chairman of the Union of Right Forces Nikita crisp white.

Forum began with a presentation by Alexander Bukhvostova

First vote — for the beginning of the Congress

Last political prisoner Statkevich ready to fight

Middle of the congress participants — Svetlana Zavadsky

Alexander Milinkevich and Inna Cooley and the Congress together

Nikolai Statkevich have alternatiyvnaya strategy

Representatives of the diplomatic corps

State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov

Alpher between Sergei and Anatoly Lebedko — Staryshynya Political Council of the Union of Right Forces Nikita crisp white

Nicholas Shepherds and Goncharik

Joseph Navumchyk

Chairman of the Writers Ales Pashkevich and salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson

Tables are popular factions

Book "disintegrated" not remain without attention of delegates

Municipal TV blocked "painting"

Milinkevich and Statkevich towards agreement

Interview on the outskirts

Milinkevich breaks between performances Congress delegates

May 27. Second day of the Congress of the United Democratic Forces

Second day of the Congress began with a briefing favorites fractions

Favourite faction "plainclothes action" Dobrovolsky wishes of the unity of all democratic forces»

Vladimir Ukhnalev PKB faction: "The main thing — that we are going in the same direction"

Bukhvostau relies on working people and the unemployed

Journalists interested in: whether there is "refugees" of the factions?

Igor Rinkevich authorized to represent a fraction "of justice and solidarity of Belarus" instead of Alexander Kozulin

Valentine Svyatskaya fraction of the BNF states on common goals Democratic Forces

Managing faction "Regions for freedom" Viktor Kornienko from Gomel: "Do not confuse us with the movement" For Freedom! "

franktsyi favorite "plainclothes action" against defectors Alexander Dobrovolsky

Vladimir Ukhnalev presented PKB faction

Alexander Bukhvostau of France "Labor Alliance", defended the strategy evolution

Questions answered favorite faction "Liberty and Progress" Vladimir Navasyad

Followers fractions clarify positions

Delegates to the meeting optimistic

Stanislav Shushkevich prepares to debate

"Young Front" and Paul Seviarynets Haretski other day meeting

The NA PBC Sergei Kalyakin go on the advice

Previous Minister Alexander Sasnou discusses the situation

Some favorites of factions already merged»

Go to the podium only allowed speakers

The Secretariat notes sort delegates

Guests from Russia State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov and ATP Nikita favorite crisp white

Congress congratulated the senior delegate Felix Shkirmankova 81 anniversary

Anatoly Lewkowicz: "I suggest the noble chairman Alexander Kozulin"

Stanislav Bogdanovich: "The country is living beyond its means"

Vaclav Oreshko: "For me, the prototype of collaboration was" Five Plus "

Lev Margolin: "Maybe another favorite will be able to do things well and with Russia?"

Kruk last political prisoner: "Minister Naumov stated that we have political prisoners?"

Seviarynets Paul: "You wait for the strategy or the strategy for the fight?"

Lena Eskov: "Belarus lives as working ladies"

Jeanne Litvin: "The main task — divestiture of the media"

Anatol Lyabedzka: "Make your own farm work and show that he is the best"

Sergei Kalyakin: "If we are here disperse in different ways, all of us will give Lukashenko Merit"

Anatoly Lebedko the sidelines

Oleg sociologist and political scientist Vyacheslav Manayeu Orgish

European Coalition in action: Paul Seviarynets and Vladimir Navasyad

Sergei Kalyakin listens wishes delegates

Paul Seviarynets: on books always have time

At the end of the Congress accomplished press conference co-chairs of the Political Council

May 28. Tribunal over Malady

Paul Seviarynets barred the way disguised commandos who tried to snatch from the hands of young motto

May 28. Tribunal over pastor of the Evangelical Church St. John the Baptist Anton Bokun

Believers come to court to support their own pastor

Antos Bokun brought to the tribunal of the bullpen

Anton Bokun with his wife Natalia and scion Adam expected process

January 29. 2nd day trial Malady
Commandos in uniform and in civilian surrounded the courthouse
Policemen watched indifferently rally
Paul Seviarynets zaskandavav: "How do you judge the tribunal, so tried and you will!"
Under white-red-white flag Christ
The Young case was considered in the biggest hall
On the dock
Malady, holding hands and prayed before the verdict
Haretski, Aleh Korban, Zmiter Fedoruk …
… and Anastasia Palazhanka — grateful to everyone who supported them
January 29. Presentation of the book "Belarus and" more Europe ".
Salting Germany Martin Hecker during a presentation NISEPI latest book: "Belarus is geographically located in the neighborhood of the European Union. And because attention to Belarus will grow."
January 29. Protest against demolition of old buildings in Grodno
January 29. Youth meeting with relatives repressed by Stalin’s regime, Grodno
January 30. Tribunal over a Protestant pastor Yaroslav Lukasik
Jaroslaw Lukasik lived in Belarus for more than 14 years
Wife and kids pastor requires that their family is not broken
Solidarity with them and fellow believers
May 30. Relatives of the crash victims Nyamiha gathered at the entrance to the underground passage near the metro station.

May 30. Concert Catherine Kamotskaya against the destruction of an old center of Grodno

June 1. Protest against cancellation of privileges Mogilev

June 1. The exhibition devoted to Gregory Baradulin in the office of the BPF in Minsk

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