What explains the rise in price of visa services for immigrants in the U.S.?

Government bureaucrats explain price increases need to do better service immigrants. For this it is necessary to increment States Citizenship and Immigration Services, purchase new equipment for the office and so on. Office can not do this without increasing prices, as 99 percent of its budget provides for the collection of the applicants. The U.S. Congress, which decided price increase for the visa, I decided that the services do not have to pay the taxpayers, and immigrants themselves.
July 30 appeal fee for a South American citizenship grow over 200 bucks — from 330 to 595 dollars, plus an additional 80 bucks for electrical processing of the fingerprint, which is now worth 70 bucks. Further increase fee for the legitimate basis for constant residence. Brand new price — tyscha 10 bucks for people 14 years and older. It — almost three times more expensive than presently.
Critics say the new prices, these prices make for poor people become impracticable South American citizens, and that it will reduce the flow of immigrants into the country, which flourished on the waves of immigration over 200 years. Also they say that the number of illegal grow.
But there are also arguments in favor of the new solutions. So, Caesar Arantes, publisher of the newsletter "US and Overseas Immigration News", which protects the rights of immigrants, said to us that the South American immigration department considered less competent service in the federal government, and it is very bureaucratic. Statements are processed and treated there for months. Arantes states that applicants, losing patience, have only one candidate — to move to the United States illegally. By Arantesa views, it’s time to simplify the work of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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