What is done in Nesvizh Castle?

After the destruction of the walls and authentic substitute wood roofing iron on there began to build forts-fi-le strengthening: Land shaft takes the form of defensive bastions, which is around the defensive wall of reddish brick. Specialists say that such a remake does not fit into the historical context 1st most European Belarus fascinating monuments.
Monitoring complex reconstruction Nesvizhsky together organize Belarusian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, as the Belarusian Association of Journalists. At year end, the final report to be sent to UNESCO — a unique monument included in the list of Global Heritage sites.
The reason for the unrest was the work of professionals who are at risk at all to bury the medieval palace complex under the weight of undue madernizvtsyi. During the restoration totally modern materials are used, and the specific objects almost completely lose the initial view. As the chairman of the Belarusian Society for Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich, special dissonance of an old palace on the background looks fake defensive wall of reddish brick:

Look engravings Makovsky, look the other engravings — I do not know where they get this!

"Yes you a look engravings Makovsky, look the other engravings Nyasvizh castle — I do not know where they get that, I have a photo of the place where the disclosure of the present abmurovka ox bastions. It is neither in terms of its size does not correspond to his own residence or masonry technology . Since where disclosed ancient masonry development, there mixed masonry — Crushed stone and brick. And here of modern brick itself pretty daunting bastion … ".
Supervisor restoration complex Nyasvizh Sergei Drushchits does not agree with the charges in the address restorers. He says that the fortification wall grows by "authentic walls":

Masonry remained strongly enough. Because what we are rebuilding, according to authentic walls and fix ups wall

"Fact, that there are three periods of construction of fortifications. 1st period — is particularly stone fortifications. Scientists in this range — here the Dutch, the Italian system. During archaeological excavations we uncovered these walls, they are preserved almost 4.5 meters in height. But masonry was made so makarom that appearance — is a brick, and then — on the stone vapnyanay leaven. Masonry remained strongly enough. Because what we are rebuilding, according to authentic walls and fix the lift wall. As for the so-called "cavalry" — turrets, it was just us and inventory carefully give information. This issue was considered by the Board, and later we have the Belarusian-Polish commission in matters of culture, we also consulted. And in the end it was decided one bastion of open and show. Four other bastions remain until a huge bed, poured much later. "
In turn Astapovich Anton believes that lasts Nyasvizh "buldozernaya restoration" thoroughly mastered at Minsk monuments of history and culture. He recalls that in March during the "restoration" on the ground Nyasvizh castle destroyed its eastern two-storey gallery, dating, by UNESCO, the middle of the XVIII century. As they say engaged in the process of restoration experts at the technical condition of the gallery was such that it was to strengthen "impractical." But the emperor Astapovich recalls and other barbaric by him, ways to "restore" the palace in a new way:

Overall lock increasingly and increasingly losing its authentic

"After referring to the absence of foundations Tipo, a whole wing of the castle felled, after changing the authentic, unique, wood-frame roof structure on iron trusses; after locking general more and more losing its authentic face is not unusual that these began to appear puppet castle ramparts. After all, it is really the principle of the modern Belarusian restoration — if only it was fine. No technique, no profound research. It’s a tower in the castle, and it bastions … A Drushchits as a scientific officer, respectively, will defend its position. After all, he is responsible for it — and the legal and moral. And he will defend this position to last, and bureaucrats of the Ministry of Culture. "
Reporter: "Do you think that Nyasvizh restorers handwriting is the same as in the Upper Town of Minsk?"
"Handwriting monotonous. This generally fully Belarusian handwriting."
It is significant that the restoration work involved in Nyasvizh Soligorskiy Trust № 3 of the Order of the October Revolution. But revolutionary technology does not lead to the restoration of ecstasy-independent professionals.
Shults — one of the oldest cultural centers of Belarus became the center of the principality in the XIII century. In the XVI-m where the residence of the magnates Radziwill. Structures in the style of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical Nyasvizh are protected by UNESCO and is an invaluable contribution to the treasury of world cultural heritage.

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