What they say about the non-election of Belarus Minsk residents in the Human Rights Council of the UN?


Young Man: "By my views, we need ourselves, in our own country to ensure human rights, and later have to go to an international level. Also I will make such a world, in Europe, not everyone knows what’s happening in Belarus. And therefore they can not give a specific estimate of the process that’s going on here. "
Woman: "It is wrong to make members of the United Nations, because we are members of this organization. And when we are her friends, must take our interests. "
Man: "The negative attitude. Since not all so simple and exactly happens as it seems."
Man: "What we are there to participate, it is exactly. After all, we humans, we have to defend ourselves and others to protect and help."
Lady: "What we have not received? But we are decent people and we certainly there must be. Par with everyone since we the same country as the others, and people are the same. And we have the right to defend their rights . "
Lady: "I wish to say that in order to get there, you need to work in own country. This is not just so, and you need to work with everything from bottom to top. "
Man: "I think that their rights there is no more, and can also press down harder. Example, I did not notice that we are so very right clamped."
Guy: "I tell the truth, actually did not know this. But I think that of course, it’s not perfect. On the other hand — and it is true. And for that we have to take? It’s not for just given this place. And it Naturally, you need to earn. I would not say that blood, but certain actions are needed. For example, with respect to various political prisoners. "
Guy: "I think that foreign countries do not know in Belarus occurs in nature. And the mind-a lot depends. They previously started to build democracy. And they have it, and we after Russian Union have not yet developed the rights that other states have for a long time. "

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