When I hear Bykov, hunt me to read and reread what he wrote

Lady: "Though the United States was forced to read Russian, both near and distant neighbors. Who will have to offer something of value Baltic countries, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and so on, so they changed the temper justice with mercy. This change will cost dearly. So Putin for sovereign risk for rudeness and so on have to pay. "
Man: "When I hear Bykov me again pulls all read and re-read what he wrote … I wish to encourage young people. Shoot poison propaganda mixed with the fog of stupid pop! Bykov It’s true about the war, delivered in the story" The Dead Do not hurt "is not only terrible, but all peel. And my old man and the young should peel into the heart to conserve kids now. member now would save the children, so Stalinism and Hitlerism is not lost. They hid somewhere else and expect your own hours . saves our culture! culture Kupala, Kolas Bykov native! saves homeland and their future and their own kids. "
Maria, Pinsk, "Our family support Presidential administration. Right that many perks to cancel. We must not stagnate, but to think, how to live on. We love and appreciate what we have in our native Belarus people who are fussing about the future, that we were better. We do not need saves South American. We are the creators of the best private shred. All together will help the president to our country flourished and beyond. "
Lady: "Hello," Freedom. "Some awkwardness is, when talking about the benefits, but I will say. Having benefits, of course, necessary to restore order. However unlikely it may be in today’s Belarus. Targeted assistance by presidential decree, it is unlikely that go to the address. If all, all our lifestyles with lies. Who, sorry about rubs peremptory nomenclature can not be neglected and phony papers on disability for benefits. And those doctors that threw her aside conscience together with the Hippocratic Oath can for it’s fine to have. If nevralyagichnym office Polyclinic may secretly hold and cure alcoholics by patronage, which can be add? I let other nevralyagichnyya unhealthy for yourself crook achieve healing in the clinic. And hunt add: poor healing. In this country almost everything is upside down, and you can even how to decrees and adjust benefits, but would have been behind vneglasnoe support. All have long been rotten, but society stubbornly silent. Stubbornly somehow hard adapts. Yes, how long? Can fall to the bottom. Excuse me, that said a little sternly. Yes this is the reality of our lives Ruthless. Thank you for listening. All the best work. "
Leonid staves, Maladziechna: "I wish to say that if our supreme, Alexander G., says about our St Euphrosyne of Polotsk and grabs some facts, some historical moments, they are not binding in any way with the history of Belarus and the Principality of Lithuania, is the same as I Russian time filed an application for the invention. And I hacked. I took separate fact from there later here. And it had nothing to do. And he also says now completely out of the context of our history majestically Duchy of Lithuania. This distortion is misleading the masses and the people. Fool and show off the best and perfect. It first, ignorance of the history of our nation. This again brainwashing our people. "

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