Where to find non-government camp?

The most common way to find non-government camp — go to the nearest church from your home at least some of the Christian denominations. Both Orthodox and Catholics and Protestants take out kids on nature: the woods, water and freshest air.
Catholic priest Father Dmitry Rakov, about the camp, which protects:
a. Dmitry: "Stay on your holiday spirit of faith, the spirit of prayer. But this also has manufacturing and food and cleaning areas, physical activities … That’s all I think, very very enriches kids, and teach them to be in society, and be open to the other person. "
Protestants hold joint inter-church camp where Christian education is given prime importance. Representative of the church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin:
Lukanin: "There are camps which can be get only when you take a friend — an unbeliever. "
‘s Oldest Orthodox camp held advent Minsk St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in the village Kuchkuny Volozhin district. Next Father Eugene:
a. Eugene: "I helped in the work of such camps. There besides the common events that are held in camps — in the morning and evening prayer, after certain Christian conversation. & Games for all."
If you wish to have a secular education prevailed over religious, you can refer to Andrew OLEKHNOVICH of grits, the elders of the Scout movement in Belarus.
Despite the fact that virtually Scout public association was liquidated, former Scouts continue to organize summer camps in scout traditions dominated idea of a healthy lifestyle and patriotism. In such camps are always invited children from "languishing" — to communicate with their "ordinary" peers.
Olehnovich "day followed properly built. Before lunch, work on archaeological excavations, after lunch and rest is personal program that separately and together — teamwork, leadership training properties in humans.
Plus every evening always met with a fascinating man. Whether it’s Vladimir Orlov, Andrei Khadanovich Dmitry Bartosik or Ales Pushkin … "
And in the end, fully civilian camp, where they say educators on whiteRussian language, uchyat and various noteworthy things. For recent years such camps fled to completely private mode, and you have to find contacts through friends. Organizer of the 1st of such camps Tatiana says that in recent years they decreased significantly:
Tatiana: "It’s so hard to do. Such block. Now and Sanitation center, and FEMA and the police … Because of this reduced. Kegebistov drove ourselves. Uttered shoot flags … Every year it happens."
Usually Belarusian nongovernmental kid camps expect travel to historical sites, historical role-playing exercises and classic crafts.

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