Who is responsible for the failure of the Christian festival in Borisov?

At the opening of the festival gathered a half thousand people, but 10 minutes before the opening of the gathering made official in the ideological department and said that the festival will not take place, so justdecision to hold it "lost legal force." Oh, so this formulation commented Chairman Executive Committee Borisova Vasily Dylyuk:
"They violated one hundred percent, yielded nothing: neither one there the rule of law is not violated, that there will be cleaned the site after the celebration — there’s nothing there. And we, mugs, all missed it, but it is not so organized. And in general, I’m busy at the moment, telling the truth. "
The organizers of the festival of spiritual music made by the representatives of the church, Orthodox and Protestant denominations. It was planned that it will accept a role in about hundreds of musicians and singers from different regions of Belarus. One of the organizers said that the versions of the ban at their concert a few:
"There are many different versions of the executive committee was calling from — cancel the ban. Tipo perastseragalisya that some opposition politicians use it as a platform and perform here. Such is the informal information was walking."
At the opening of the festival came not only the inhabitants of Borisov, and people from other cities of Belarus. In including — favorite of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Paul Seviarynets. Oh, so he commented on the incident:
"At the moment, several hundred people crawl with this big tent, which was built specifically for the festival. Here very many believers in various Protestant Church and the Orthodox Churches, the inhabitants of Borisov. Naturally people dissatisfied, they ask again and the organizers and the police what happened, but no one is not intelligible can tell. And indeed, I think, Executive Committee that the decision — this atmosphere of terror, available in Belarus and in Borisov, viz. Before the election, the authorities are afraid of everything, even his own shadow. "

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