Who is this prazdnichek?

Overnight and morning rain was in Minsk. Festive atmosphere in the town was not felt. At 11:00 started the marathon at Prospect favorites. Despite the fact that the winner of the competition promised prize Exchange around 3000 bucks, multi-million crowd at the venue was not.
Near the Sports Palace were musical groups near shops unfolded with different souvenirs. But the best part people wasAs usual, Saturday, near the markets. People were taking vegetables and discussed the new prices for meat and sausage. Outraged buyers each other counters give a hint about where you can still buy some old varieties of sausages on prices, but the new prices from 30 to 38 thousand rubles per kilogram of people discussing loudly enough.
I asked a few people why not go on at the moment and celebrations go on in the evening fireworks.
Man: "I’m not going to prazdnichek, since I do not hate bad mood and weight problems. I do not see that someone felt prazdnichka atmosphere."
Student: "The weather is not very canceled — rain and cold."
Woman: "It’s not safe because they do not know what else can be expected in subsequent times and what might happen."
Student: "there is still some to undermine the bomb … I do not believe that the security service can cope."
Lady: "In Actually all it is unsafe. Not you know what expect "
Man: "No. Do not go. Which prazdnichek Who reads than you?".
Lady: "What, are you? Life is precious. Such prices for meat and sausage! People have nothing to eat."
Woman: "No, I will not. Especially since, that the last fireworks I’m not very impressed, if you have to add that I there was. I no longer have any desire. "
Student: "Well, you never know there could happen? I would not wish that my friends went there, so I will worry about them. "
Lady: "What can be prazdnichek when the rent to pay, kids to school to gather, eat something … that can be prazdnichek, when you go to prazdnichek, and you continue to bridge the fence is not allowed! Who is this prazdnichek? ".
A distinctive feature of this was the spreading disk imaging prazdnichka that police work in emergency mode. With municipal television screens convinced people that the police will be closely watching to see that there was no intoxication, so as not to bring into suspicious activities or unsafe things.
For the first time in a solemn day in the news are the representatives of the Interior Ministry in the form.
Observers believe that the significant decrease in the number of people in comparison with the last celebration of July 3 and 4, due to not only weather the bad old horror and people in front of new attacks.
On Friday of the town in all directions moving thousands of cars. People have left the country and in the village to help relatives in agriculture.
Within a day or in different places of Minsk, mainly in the area of Prospect favorites, there were exhibitions and children’s sporting events. To 6 pm people can purchase honey at the show. On October Square from 17 to 19 hours of accounting concert. Whereupon two hours of the Opera songs on Freedom Square. The last event — the fireworks scheduled for 22 hours and, according to the schedule will last 20 minutes.

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