Why Belarusian law does not protect animals from human?

39-year-old inhabitant of the village shower Kopyl district killed the dog with a truncheon and hung it on the tree. Police filed criminal case, suspect threatens fines or arrest for six months or even imprisonment for up to 2 years.
Instructor Kennel Club Marina Myadvetskaya agree what you need put in jail people who kill and sneer with the animal. But you must start with the respective education kids, she said.
"Look here, how many pigeons strolling crippled without legs or with legs tangled thread. This kids do. How hang kittens, their eyes gouged out. In time Samples director raised this topic, but especially of success without. Maybe it’s in Russia and discussions are, and we have it all covered. And with the same dogs. I have 30 years in the dog and know. "
Specialists said: promoting humane appeal with animals will have no effect if the lives and rights of animals not protected by law.
The criminal case against the inhabitants of the village brought showers, but a completely different article — on hooliganism. Due to the nature of collecting evidence into the murder of animals give birth at times, recognized in Minsk police.
"I do not remember that for killing a dog brought a criminal case. Wait clarify … Here mentioned that the previous year brought the case for appeal to the fierce animals. Hunters went hunting and killed a dog in the countryside."
It was an administrative and punished hunters small fines. And why is not criminally responsible for bad appeal with animals?
Chairman of the public association "salvation" said Lyudmila Atrashkevich: to This time there is no law on the protection of animals from fierce appeal. Its adoption will claim and the respective configurations the Criminal Code. But 18 months bill can not pass function acceptance and approval of the President.
"The law has not yet been signed by Alyaksandr Lukashenka is being revised in the Parliament. Administrative Code are respectively the article, but we are for the fact that introduction of criminal responsibility. Such has our neighbors: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia. We also appeal to our deputies, but not yet signed such a law. "
Rage against the dog has another side — often it is caused by protection from nomadic animals that attack humans. In public organizations "Salvation" they say that there are several 10’s of thousands of nomadic dogs. "Salvation" in the past Three years managed to arrange about 400. Drop in the ocean. According to activists, the public role in the protection of animals can be activated, but again as we need a law that "hung" parliament.

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