Why Belarusians hard to go abroad?

Young Man: "Who in this povinet? Very many people travels to Poland to earn some money to live. Blame our government, as in Belarus no way to earn a living. The only way — to go to Poland, because there will earn more money, What does the at least some work. "
Young Man: "That’s simply not willing to release us from Belarus and all …"
Man: "I do not know. Certainly, the people themselves, their mind. Look, what is the mass of worth, and to do some of all — twice faster visa would get."
Man: "How do we know? Nonewhat to say can not, as we know nothing. "
Woman: "I believe that this is all the imperfections of our government and the president, as they can not resolve the problem of".
Young Man: "I do not know who povinet. Sami did it all himself and it reap …"
Lady: "Representations are unable to organize normal operation, so there was no queue. Maybe they are holding special visa issuance — this is politics."
Woman: "I do not know what the background here, but I know that this must be done even easier."
Lady: "I believe that we have a good income, no one here would not stand and did not go to Poland."
Man: "They are part of the European Union, our attempt to restrict the importation of products. I remember a time when everything in the store and took could drive one and the other side. Now we can then 5, then two and a half kilograms of carry — on the scales, take … And this is happening on both sides. I do not know, because it was better before, we live in the same neighbor and it was good. "
Man: "I do not know who povinet. Seems bad organization of private services: there are policemen guarding, maybe they are guilty."
Man: "The reason that we have to This time not included in the European Union, as did our neighbors. "
Man: "The authorities blame. They do not have any respect for their own people. Once as Poland could escorted own people Worldwide to work, and people meanwhile brought out funds. Because now their country is so powerful. And here, look — not allowed, keep, behind bars. And grief because of our human. That’s all. "

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