Why grows the number of camps military-patriotic education?

The Armed Forces of Belarus includes 55 thousand officers, warrant officers and soldier. Any of the five soldiers in this will be educate the 1st student in the camps at military units. This follows from the balance of disk imaging Defense Ministry employee Olga Zhilinskaya:
"In general, currently about 160 camps and more than 12 thousand teenagers. And applications was least, three times as much. "
5 soldiers — one "heavy" child
Military first must re-educate children and adolescents who did the crime or offense. There currently registered 17 thousand. In addition, this year in Belarus there are 198 schools in the military-patriotic and military-sports summer groups. How to rest under the tutelage of the military are the ancestors themselves and their kids? Write down the answers to the question at the Ministry of Defence building in Minsk.
‘We have a boy — says Valentina — so that the camp and military-patriotic. "
"Very well. Should educate and prepare for the army."
Nikita, 13 years:
"Military camp? Everything to toe the line: climb, hang up No, I do not want."
Alexander, 15 years old:
"I’d better enjoy staying in an ordinary camp. There disco different. Do not need to command."
Victor, 16 years:
"I choose to camp everyday. Such checked on vacation for yourself."
Ira, 15 years:
"I’m against the camps. Believe that children do better when their parents."
Belarusian Center for rehabilitation of the population, This year closed another 80 camps obsolete. Total is about 700 permanent camps and paid databases. Two-thirds of the former pioneer camp Polga require repair.
Statkevich: "Military camps romance seduce kids"
About another reason kids summer vacation travel in military barracks says Colonel supplies, politician Nikolai Statkevich:
"BRYU not work. These young cynics are not able to assure, to inspire, ignite faith in Lukashenko new generation. And, in-2, it is hoped that it can do the military. Mix the Lukashenka romance with military camps — automata games. Seduce the young. Behold the that lost youth. "
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