Why Lukashenko left without work Veshnjakova?

3-year term opportunities acting chairman of CIS Executive Committee Vladimir Rushailo formally starts on June 14.
But, apparently, he will have to stay in your own chair to illumine when the first of October in Dushanbe will be officially presented the new head of the CIS Executive Committee.
As reported by Russian media, prepared for the position the former head of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Alexander Veshnyakov during an informal summit in St. Petersburg on June 10 "blocked" Alexander Lukashenko said.
According to legal provisions, a chairman statement occurs as a result of the Commonwealth Heads of consensus and even what the president can veto the decision than Tipo and enjoyed Lukashenko.
The press service of the Belarusian president said that all negotiations in St. Petersburg held behind closed doors and no disk imaging on this point. Surrounded Veshnjakova also said that contacts with the press he refuses.
Alexander Fyaduta: "Lukashenko afraid Veshnjakova-independent"
That could not meet the Belarusian favorite candidates in Veshnjakova? According to political scientist Alexander Fyaduta, if a person wants to work in the state office, you should not show their independence from President of Belarus.
Unlike its predecessor, Yuri spring, which, Feduta, in addition to the pension received wages and nowhere "was not put out," Vladimir Rushailo showed himself quite independent politician.
Independence Veshnjakova could acquire more tangible traits believes Fyaduta:
"Lukashenko comes from the fact that the head of the CIS Executive Committee, which in no way is depending on it, it’s the enemy. He already saw this in the example Rushailo. Veshnjakov led the CIS Executive Committee would also rather be independent figure.
As he was a figure to be independent CEC head Russian Federation. Not itself be independent, as can be, I would like Russian democrats, but still it was a man with a certain vision of how should develop our homeland.
And those expressions that, for example, allowed for himself emperor Veshnjakov about elections in Belarus, also had meet Lukashenko. Came what had to happen and: Lukashenko has shown that he is one of Governors of the Commonwealth and with him now to be reckoned with. "
Vladimir Ryzhkov: "Veshnjakov non-hazardous for authoritarian regimes"
These sovereign Feduta Russian democrats do not share the optimism about the changes, which in theory could perform Veshnyakov as head of the CIS Executive Committee.
Co-Chair of the Republican Party of the Russian Federation, the State Duma deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov says that Veshnjakov never shown the desire to legalize political freedoms:
"I do not think Veshnjakova least some independent figure. And I wish to remind you that specifically under his control, with his consent and in particular his participation was dramatically changed Russian electoral legislation in the direction of a constructive impairment.
In other words, he is ordinary individual responsible for the creation of an authoritarian anti-democratic electoral law in Russia, which is very reminiscent Belarusian legislation. Therefore I think, that no threat to authoritarian regimes like Belarus, he is not.
Another thing, that Lukashenka is not excluded there were some personal motives or any calculations with respect to their shapes chairman of this structure. But draw Veshnjakova advisor and defender of democracy, political freedom fighter for simply not serious. "

Under the version of the Russian edition of "Kommersant", St. Petersburg Lukashenko acted "in cahoots" with the current CIS Executive Secretary Rushailo that Tipo wishes to retain this position. Incidentally, Last year, after the announcement of the results presidential elections Belarus, Rushailo appreciated those elections as "free, open and transparent."

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