Why the opposition again going outside Belarus?

Anatoly Lebedko — One of the co-chairs of the Political Council of 4 united democratic forces, states that hold the conference in Belarus is rather difficult. He gives this explanation gathering in Vilnius:
"Where is cheaper, and where some costs — it is not always determined only by the price of tickets. Vilnius for the coming all regional centers of Belarus. Well and money it does not exceed the rate of ordinary expenses. Humans have a visa … This — not Rio de Janeiro. And based on beliefs of security, a frank and open discussion anything close in Belarus will not. Besides no one can guarantee that if you get together in Belarus, it will not appear police, emergency, fire or some other authority representatives and will not interfere with work. "
Retired KGB colonel Valery Kostka says: hope that the Belarusian secret services in Vilnius not find out about the nature of the debate, which:
"You can open a discussion plans and here, in Belarus. At the same composition would remove a summer camp and spent their event. Thought that here — agents. And there are no agents? Agency of them always. And whatever they’re not discussed is all the same It will be appreciated. The less secrecy, the harder it is to work the secret services. They always love to do what was in secret, so that was lurking Zahav. Then it turns out that the intelligence uncovered this mystery. And if open it mattersbe … Which strategy that plans may now be considering combining, conventional electoral laws and election monitoring? That’s it. No more plans out there do not. "
Political scientist Vladimir Rovdo notes that segodnyaschy meeting already far not the first in Vilnius:
"With one side, this can be done in Belarus. Then why our opposition goes there? Must still not forget about certain interests of malehankih countries are presently mediate the relationship between the Belarusian opposition parties and movements. And the role of Lithuania there is enough in principle, quite significant. Apparently, in response to these wishes and not to spoil things, the Belarusian opposition agrees to such invitations in Vilnius. "

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