Worse than decent working military officer?

Constant listener: "Lukashenko can not live without that fight or something with some difficulties to overcome. How hear:" Pochetaemye viewers … "means any muck will again. Now here I throw all the forces to fight with benefits. Allegedly, so we exempts! Yes, of course, unless the police withdraw. They strokes and heart attacks was ill from what abzhyrayutstsa, get out of the car can not. Excuse me, I’m so in a simple way, a little gruffly saying. So naturally, and still have their free travel. Suppose pay.
The same military officers. And why not? I understand that when participants in the war. And this served 15-20 years in Minsk, Belarus native. Here are no wars in Chechnya and so on. Chama ethe man, which in 40 years to retire, ‘great katushtsy "pay? For what? His Government was dressed, fed and gave the home, all the amenities. The highest salary he had. And worse than decent work? "
Retired, Grodno region: "Soon, our MPs will open a discussion and adopt a law on benefits. My voice is unlikely to be heard. ‘Cause make this proposal union leaders, political parties, public organizations (I hope they heed Radio Liberty), that they initiated, and, perhaps, to pursue this issue openly with the broadcast on television and radio. Especially since, President constantly reads about publicity, openness of decisions, especially in the case when it comes to, as they say, 2-thirds of the population. And we remember who put forward in the House of Representatives and find out how they protect us: the elderly, students and other voters. If it is not heard, you can take up the Radio Liberty this case. Curious to find out. "

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