Yang Maksimyuk: Ukrainians are tired of the political crisis

Reporter: "Ian, why suddenly President Yushchenko expresses a determination? I mean — dismissal of arbitrators of the Constitutional Court, then — Attorney General?"
Maksimyuk "Viktor Yushchenko made the first decisive step when first in April signed a decree dissolving parliament. After it was hard to hope for the other’s behavior. Later he issued another decree on the latest election date. Criteria And when they do not, it must do something. If bureaucrats do not obey the central government, then the government has ways that could force municipalities pasadovtsav do what was expected of them expect.
This strategy is one at Yushchenko … If produced the first decree, already this Sunday could be an option. But this Sunday, they will not, as they will not be in June, he desires Yushchenko. Elections will be later on, I think they are real fall in September or October. Yushchenko can not constantly issue decrees, which are not produced because it is converted from Chapter country doll.
Reporter: "From your point of view, as will be further development of the situation — the power methods or concessions parties? Who will be more active."
Maksimyuk: "I think that Ukraine came to such limits, after which it is impossible to go further without risking a complete political chaos and anarchy. And so I hope that both sides will make concessions so as to rattle instrument possible, but it neither leads nowhere, nothing. ‘Cause I hope that Yanukovych and Prime Minister, and President Yushchenko conditions. Contract has already been, Yushchenko said yesterday that they had agreed on Wednesday on the election date, that was the main problem for them. No sooner is the crisis management group that had prepared draft laws to hold these elections, blocked the contract.
For me, it is not surprisingly, because in this group presented communists and socialists, who do not want early elections. Communists do not like to Yushchenko for his pro-European policy, and political socialists fear death, all the polls show that the Socialists on early elections can not pass, so they zavpartsilisya.
And what came out yesterday, that incident to the Attorney General, when security forces of the president and the prime minister» ep Minister fought among themselves, then it is a terrible situation. "
Reporter: "Do you react to all of this street? Can expect a repeat of the Maidan in 2004?"
Maksimyuk: "Anything can happen, but I think that all these protests that we we see, they do not have the same power as protests, which we followed in 2004, when he was first Maidan. Then people went as they had any ideas. Naturally, for those maidan were also huge amounts of money, was very not a bad business. Who is behind these protests people supporting Yanukovych, have no idea.
These are people who are brought to Kiev from the Donbas, they get paid, how much they would have earned on their own mines. Because I do not think that this conflict is in reality Ukrainians worried. They are already tired of these conflicts and expect from their own politicians will feel that those responsible for their country This conflict palagodyats … So I do not think there will be any hassle. "
• The political crisis in Ukraine has intensified ", 25.05.2007
• Yushchenko and Yanukovych have agreed to hold elections, 04.05.2007
• Viktor Yushchenko dissolved the Verkhovna Rada, 02.04.2007

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