You rescued the lives of adults and kids a country that denies benefits to you

Man: "Farmer — it’s peasant-worker — and a tractor and combine, including the farm. But Lukashenko such farmers are not needed. He gave countryman with Pravdina Mogilev, of so-called farmer who does not work, but only manages subordinate laborers. This is not a farmer, is the chairman-prygonnik or freshly landowner who once supported the king. "
Man: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom, "a week in Belarus in including and Ivacevičy district, once again go humanitarian aid malehankih of Norway, whose population is less than 2.5 times the population of Belarus.
Belarus country unlike other post-European states willingly accepts this assistance, in other words, in 13 years of Lukashenko’s Belarus reign remained impoverished state, where handouts from other countries perceived for happiness. This "gum" as it is called in Belarus, the Norwegians will drive not only to individuals, and schools. Now the students of these schools will be able to say with ecstasy: "For our happy childhood thanks, dear country!" My question to the "Freedom". What survived the catastrophe of Belarus over the last 13 years that we have to This time fed "rubber bands" and handouts? "
Pensioner, Minsk: "In the year 2002 happened to me a failure. Buynaasyarodkavy I had a myocardial infarction. Came to help doctors Central Cardiology. During healing me handy blood hemoglobin 82 units. Rescuer turned my donor nicknamed pentaleno MM Small bow to you, my rescuer and all doctors of the country. Sacrificing your health, you rescued the lives of adults and kids a country that refuses to you in benefits. I support you. I’m with you. "
"What I wish to say? First, now a terrible day for all those children, and I, too, was a child, little boy decade, right on the border, under the Slonim, in this place, under the title Kazlovshchyna. But I do not wish to say about this. Those creepy things that I had experienced as a refugee, as I ran to Lipetsk. It got to the orphanage, and three a day or he was evacuated to Kazakhstan. Men who had nothing to eat. orphanage was A bag of sugar. So then they pulled sugar . And I remember that in this haze boxcar sparks fell from his mouth. And how hungry mice these roasted and tasted … "
"In short, if the day is celebrated now refugees, it is necessary not only for those refugees from the First World War, when all drove from Belarus to Siberia. At various distant places Russian and half remained there. Must also remember about the children and during second World War I. I was evacuated, and others. Kids were running as they could. They were taken and ancestors, and the army. These refugees also need to remember and say something about them. I would could say, but no time. What to do … and the need to conduct a parallel between the current refugees and those who were in the Second World War. Thank you for your attention. Good for you health. "
Ivan Karpovich, "Honey" Freedom, "of course, the year 1941, June 22 was a difficult time. And I want to say about this wildly war a few words, what I beheld with our eyes, and not the fact that write-Cherginets security officer. our Belarus was occupied for a day or four, we do not even see it. Fled the Communists, lubricate heel. No resistance was not anywhere. Thank Yankees, British, French, what specific steel baron our majestic homeland. I felt their support from 1941. And if they do not, there would be no Russian Union, nor us. Some one friend wrote on the "Freedom" letter of whether Oshmyan. He said true and must be repeated every day, so that people know the history of the war. as communists absolutely lying. 100%. "
Zinoviev: "To justify the absurdity of the charges Klimov, I think you need to read" Freedom "its online publication. Thank you."
Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "I am preparing scientific work for many years, but in order to publish it, required reviewers. My recollection is that the regime has caused my reviewers, and spoke thus:" If you give him the review, then take off from work " . Because what I have prepared, designed for children, I wish to convey to you. You will not get lost. Listen. "The musical parable."

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