Young people want to protest on Independence Square

The House of Representatives has now see a 2-reading the draft law "On the municipal social benefits, rights and guarantees for certain categories of citizens."
During the last week a number of young activists held pickets porazdavali students leaflets calling come to the square in front of the Government House, where MPs will adopt a law on the abolition of privileges. Activists hope that they will be joined hundreds of people.
Coordinator of "New Way" Andrew said Sprynzhuk "Freedom" that the action activists join other youth organizations. The organizers believe that the square and students come from some institutions. Andrew Sprynzhuk not exclude that the shares may join disabled and liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster:
"We have extended a half thousand leaflets calling to come May 23 in the 12-hours of the Independence Square to the building of the House of Representatives to express their attitude to the law, which they plan to adopt. When we were handing out leaflets, people responded positively to it. Unfortunately, it All was not supported bolshennymi political parties. Everything is done only through the efforts of several youth organizations. But we expect people will be that there will be students because it As to each of them. "

Vitaly Sorokin: "We stand on the square, so we saw the deputies and society know that there are people who can protect their rights and freedoms."

Vitaly Sorokin trusts, authorities refrain from mass arrests in the town center, to show loyalty to the dissent:
"We think that the police will work in emergency mode. Maybe area will be blocked because the resonance of this action is already felt and in the midst of students, and the disabled, and Chernobyl, which are going to cancel the benefits. Pinning hopes that mass arrests will not. Will stand on the square, so we saw the deputies and society to know that there are people who can protect their rights and freedom. "
After the release of Decree number 5 on March 10 1997 and a number of other decrees of Alyaksandr Lukashenka meetings and rallies on Independence Square were banned. People were not allowed to gather in the square in the day Will and "Chernobyl Way". Later on Independence Square reconstruction began, which lasted a couple of years. Many subways to trade stalls and klyumby shared space — a gathering place supporters of change from time adjustment — on small platforms.
Organizers expect the present action, that all who want to participate in this event, enough space on the ground in front of Government House.
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