Yuri Khaschevatsky: That’s where I finally saw his face

"Vitebsk proletarians", year 1937. Newspaper reports from the Congress of Writers of Belarus: "All those who spoke sharply writers had read about the poet A.. It was created phony authority, it is not criticized, has long been known for its greased aggressive acts. At a meeting of the facts of cooperation Alexandrovich with natsdemov. This is their job, he wrote counterrevolutionary Collected Poems … brought Alexandrovich from the board Russian Union of Writers of Belarus. "
On the pages of "Lima" in 1947 Bronislaw Smolskiy notes: "In the work of the second naikrupneyshgo Belarusian symphonic composer N.Aladova theme of love for the motherland disclosed in a slightly different plan. For example, in the symphonic poem "From the diary of a partisan" theme patriotic pride in the Belarusian partisans given in some respects, although the image of the hero’s theme embodies the feelings and actions of the whole squad. The program turns the poem unfolds in six episodes, each of which gives a certain picture — phase guerrilla struggle against the German occupiers. "
"Name", year 1997. Yuri Khaschevatsky knows about his film "Ordinary President": "I myself most of all attracted by the presence of President episode presentation Gabelenu century.’s Where I finally saw his face … He was pleased with his reflection, which created gabelenu placed above Pope . On the face of Lukashenko was written feeling, perhaps even stronger orgasm. "

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