Yuri Oleynik: I believe that victory is likely

Znatkevich: "Please tell me what stage your currently a lawsuit against the Academy of Management?"
Oleinik: "As for me, at the moment the most languid stage — a stage expectations because a week back, on Mon 4 June, I filed a claim to the tribunal the October district of Minsk to this day forward some result. Though duty referee said that will be the answer for a day or three, but after eight days — and no answer is no. "
Znatkevich: "According to the law — how much time you have to answer?"
Oleinik, "If I am not mistaken, by lawyers and my defender, the court has the opportunity to continue this up to a month. This clearance must be assigned a trial date should there be failure and cause of failure."
"No illusions about the Belarusian judiciary"
Znatkevich: "You want to win in court?"
Oleinik, "I would put it this way: if you feel the truth on their own side, it is clear that the hoped for victory. Naturally, no illusions about the Belarusian judicial system, first because it is not completely developed in us. Development, all these pieces of legislation, regulations because even after going for three weeks in all phases of the Academy, the Academy of the above — in the administration of President wrote a letter to the court filed an application — seeing all these legal points feel that very many shortcomings. Delusion, but there are very severe ‘& # 39; serious support, solidarity have friends, relatives, journalists, many Belarusians, because believe that victory is likely. "
Znatkevich "Jure, which was the reaction of your classmates and other students at your exclusion from the Academy?"
Oleinik: "To me true happiness was to behold reaction classmates, people from a parallel group, because at that day and they learned about the exception, the students began collecting signatures in my support, and almost in one day has been collected about 250 signatures on the faculty at other courses — it was a true happiness to create a solidarity and support. "
Znatkevich: "As your ancestors responded to your exclusion from the Academy and before that — for a role in the collection of signatures against repeal of benefits?"
Oleinik: "Parents naturally hard, because if something happens, some action, they naturally worry about their own kids, and have them not believing me two more sons, the elder brother and younger, and they experience very much. Mama because some of my public activity partly loses health, her health problems, she traveled to Minsk from Molodechno treated, but also from the first minute, when they heard about the order for my expulsion, it was only words of support. They said: "Son, will together." Because I am very grateful to my parents for such solidarity and for the fact that they are willing to go to the end. "
Did not vote in the elections — may exclude for "violation of internal regulations"
Znatkevich: "And has not previously been such, they say," must be hush, do not meddle in politics, not rebel "- such for you had read?"
Oleinik: "Pretty hard to say, so I have not rebelled, especially since I never rebelled. What I do, I do, even within the existing legislation in Belarus, and I do, I think, those acts that contribute to the development of Belarus, Belarusian society, as all the organizations in which I am a member — it is only registered in the Ministry of Justice our organization. And my family is such that I never they say — do not act, do not. If they behold the it’s relevant and helps somehow Belarusian issue, our country, such as a step to collect signatures for the preservation of benefits for students — this is the first that we have to do exactly as students. Because only support such actions. "
Znatkevich "Official motivation of your deductions from the Academy of Management — absenteeism. Much do you have gaps?"
Oleinik, "I would slightly corrected here, because the official wording sounds" systematic violation of discipline and internal regulations ", and only the first that I threw — it absenteeism. Because when parsing started, I threw 22 hours of absenteeism , this 11 lectures and seminars in the month of April. This is just one moment. fact when they started to understand and know that there is no regulatory framework in the number of passes, etc. — I have this semester no reprimands or warnings, nor caused a conversation — then I started throwing some items internal regulations: not intensively involved in the public life of the country. There is a point in the internal rules of the Academy of Management. "
Znatkevich: "And for that can be excluded from the Academy?"
Oleinik: "Tipo so. More details: showered, I did not vote in the last elections for local councils. But I really did not vote, because on a physical level, I could not vote in Minsk on its own plot, as the whole day with half of the eighth am to 12 am, I was an observer at a polling station in Maladzechna, was a confidant of a candidate and observers. Because I believe that it is also more active plainclothes position than just come in and throw a ballot in the box. "
Znatkevich: "Have you tried to relate these charges with other students from their own group? There are others who did not vote in the local elections, who has the same number of passes?"
Oleinik: "As for voting harder because it sur» seriously deal and lured all — the order was, I do not know where, but it was felt that there was an order, so that 100% voted urgently, and almost all voted since they were allowed to go home later or truant, surprisingly enough. As for omissions, here I spent the statistics in his own band, which in the student newspaper was written as the best on the results of the winter session, so that’s just on their own group I saw that every fourth has more than 20 hours passes in the month, and per semester — even more. In my order of dismissal, signed May 15, there are still 22 people with reprimands and 4 whose human expelled together with me. "
"Problems with the study was never"
Znatkevich: "Do you have problems with learning?"
Oleinik: "Until now I have problems with learning was never. I love to study, graduated from high school with a gold medal, I think it’s really a gold medal, as it was handed over all can be. Also in the Academy, I had an average score of their own zachetke 8.4 on all 3 courses and a half.
Students Belarus wants to come to the fact that if you learn properly, you have no problems, you want to learn, but you’re still doing something in parallel, or in a few places and you navuchaessya bout between lectures, have a still-life , then this is for you not to interfere under any circumstances.
People wish to come to the seminars, workshops and excellent pass session, be the worst of other spices. In the sense that the lectures as they are in the original, it’s a big audience, a large hall, where you come and listen to assistant professor or doctor who helps you to realize a material book. But why should I go to lectures, if I can just read the book?
I unlearn almost four courses, and I can say that really happens very often that the teacher opens the book and begins to read it to you from the first point to the last, and you just sit there and drive a finger. There are classes in which a person sees that his time. Unfortunately, in his youth while running very fast atthis man can do something more useful, and I think it should be. "
"We collected a lot of signatures strongly in the Academy"
Znatkevich "Jure, why did you decide to collect signatures against repeal of benefits?"
Oleinik: "At that moment I vyznat this public campaign, and it was through the web — I spend a lot of time reading the announcements on the web — I’m not even thinking decided that if the Academy
this still has not been engaged, then I will become a pioneer, and when engaged — I’ll find it and will chalaevka apamagats. Nobody was not engaged, and I contacted the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, which provides legal support. vyznat I all the legal aspects, forms for signatures, etc., and decided to collect signatures because the student himself. It’s just scary when students — I’m not talking about kids up to 3 years, which abolished money for the medicines for the elderly, the liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster on the Afghans — but I say that I worries. We collected many signatures strongly in the Academy. "
Znatkevich: "You do not agree with the arguments of the authorities in Belarus so many people have privileges?"
Oleinik: "I agree in part with this expression, because when they say about 70-75% of people with benefits, it very much. And there are cases where the normal healthy person somehow falsified documents or paper also has a 50% rebate travel. But these moments need to be addressed dot, and not what to take and all terminate. As we know, there is no bill of currency substitution, spot, targeted support … Every citizen of Belarus should be aware that if there is a bill to abolish the benefits, almost on the same day should be passed a bill that intercepts the initiative and gives a new round, new developments in this direction.
That did not work, they say — it will be. Let’s see how it will be. I also have no illusions about the fact that all people will be enveloped in this help.
And speaking about the students — all students are required to have travel benefits. So is there everywhere. I’ve heard the expression of our government officials that no benefits Tipo in adjacent countries, but I have friends in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and in Russia, and I have all talked and told me what the benefits are. For example, in Moscow, One of the most expensive cities, where students can not earn money, students have a lot more benefits than we had to cancel. "
"Today, social economy, tomorrow — liberal"
Znatkevich: "When you received the Academy of Management under the President — what kind of career you want?"
Oleinik, "On bolshennom meeting in the family» and we decided to enroll in the Academy of Management, because it is such a sonorous title, and I thought that I would get very excellent knowledge, and I was preparing to become the way prescribed in the diplomas economist, manager. Which sphere — private or state — it is a secondary matter, I think people should work and there and there.
Now throw me: what you have done with your gaze to the Presidential Academy? We know at least what country, democratic or undemocratic, now one government, tomorrow it will be slightly changed or radically changed, including the economy — it is now social, liberal tomorrow, and should prepare all masters, all the spices in these areas " .

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