Zmiter Fedoruk: Must not cry, and ensure that soldiers do not become sufferers


"Cyargey Misavets, Kobrin:" Dmitry, as sudden and resounding was the start of your criminal case, so suddenly-sympathetic — sentence. What impressed you most in this story: its beginning or finish? "
(Fedoruk) "And start and finish. It all started on February 4, when we were 30 people arrested during the Central Rada. Meeting was held on private apartment. They took first in the police station, and then, all of a sudden for me — in jail KGB referred to as "an American." paradoxical to say, but there I spent three most powerful memories for a day or in my life. Since then realized in general, what are the regime, Belarus and me. Well and the finish was simply stating: youth still achieve their own . "

"Dear all, none of us does not see an end in itself" Volodarka "or" American "

Oleg, screaming, "I do not think that the" Young Front "achieve something important (unfortunately). After his release, for theirs is the manifestation of heroism and respectively — an end in itself."
"Ladies and gentlemen, no one who has served for this time on Akrestsin either Volodarka or even what the bullpen had it in their end in itself. Investigator Grakhovo napugival me: "Dmitry, are you trying to start his political career because Shydlouski and Seviarynets — from prison?" In short, statements Tipo my friends just a PR yourself and not act — just with izymatelstvo those people, who is doing something in this country. In the end, except for the simulation so persecuted as the Young? "
Ales, Grodno: "Dmitry, tell us about your path to Belarushchyny?"
"During the Renaissance, it was clear to me, schoolboy novice. During 1996-1997 regime has not had that much to execute national: Chasing hung in the classroom, there were numerous excursions, language Belarusian exposition almost exclusively — in droves youth began to read Kupala language … And later we started — our teacher was fired for what she did not want to hang a portrait of Lukashenko, the image of red-green cabbage in the office … Cool did not want to tie us to the latest state ideology.
And at the end of fifteen years was shameful that Belarus takes from itself. When they announced another shameful referendum, something had to be revised in the shower. Let’s then hard. I started playing in junior football team, then on the field every now and then for my Belarusian there’s some hassle, even fights. And that — silent, like someone on you, "You village! Hey farmer!" If so — win!
So makarom familiarity with Dashkevich was not a fluke for me. But after our meeting, I have started a new, conscious social life "

"You — as a fascist Alliance Belarusian youth, but victory will still be ours, Slavs!"

Ales: "Dmitry, you give away a lot of time" to Young Front "- as it is combined with personal?"
"Everyone with whom I have friendly relations, is very well aware of me, and at times even help resolve a certain situation."
Ales: "And for the love of your life in a place there? Either you’re afraid of provocations? Gebistov, I heard even Seviarynets slipped" his "lady" …
"Similarly, the information can not approve. Personally Paul with a woman I did not beheld. As for me, during the criminal case called just 10 matches to get to know. Reads: phone number of learned there any websites, books Suspicion … more intensified when as a team in a few days they began to read about the monotonous: "What’s holding you back, do not be afraid, I’m not from the KGB …"
Ales: "What do you want to engage in a free Belarus?"
"Once a year earlier had a strong desire to teach. And at the moment I dream of journalistic work, this year, I wish to enter the Vilna journalism teacher."
(Anonymous electric letter) "Traitors, pomogat Washington aspiring policemen and Fascist Alliance Belarusian youth, victory will still be ours, Slavs!"
"What can answer such a "sworn friend" that all their activities boils down to, for example, to paint an icon in Kurapaty swastika break crosses … Simply urge you to repent, senses! If you are in fact living in Belarus and in Belarus, the Russian stereotypes enough to live on the traitors, as you write, or assistants in Washington.
As for parallels Belarusian Union of Youth and "Young Front", our predecessors — the young educated people during the war had to go to the GMS, to get an education, to fight for their Belarus, Belarus … So, they went for the full, as they say, the program — and the war have suffered for their national beliefs, and then sat in Russian camps … But they have played their part results made public foundation on which stands in the midst of other current and "Young Front". This education, the struggle for Belarushchyny, hardening people who will soon be making important functions in the Belarusian society. "

"Communists for Russian funds pilfered all over. And we will try to itself in Belarus does not happen again"

(Julia Belous, Gomel) "How will the" Young Front on? "
"After such a sentence he should continue their previous activities, but with still plenty of enthusiasm. Achuhvatstsa mode will have a couple of months, and we can build up your muscles to illumine and subsequent spring. Indeed, at the moment a very crucial moment for Belarushchyny. Going now to the studio beheld as a class for kids 8-9 years old accompanied with 2 commandos. They led them to a stadium. other words, if a guardianship ideological treatment will last, it takes just awful what happens to these students after 10 years … "
"What do you think about sovereign Milinkevich?"
"Certainly not finish their own support this man continue. Indeed, apart from him at the moment in no one litsezreem least some hope for truly free Belarus. Look at the other — Kalyakin Liabedzka through Russia. But personally, I pinned their hopes on Paul Sevyarinets — he future president. "
(SMS message) "How do you feel about the fact that the elders of the political parties fear Activism?"
"That’s their problem. I will not sulk on anyone, because everyone does and sacrifices as much as can."
(Jura, Nowogródek) "What assured Congress?"
"That can not be joined into a single communists, liberals, BPF," Young Front ", the Social Democrats. This can not be combined strength because the Communists in Russian means take away all by itself. And we will endeavor to make such in Belarus does not happen again. "
(Guy) "Dmitry bringing in" MF "more romance or severe activity? If the latter, what actions and activities are planned for 2007?"
"Always we go with the exact color of romanticism, without fear, because when other scenario Front would not intrigued youth avdytoryyu.Shto regard promising severe activity, we will protest at the moment against the demolition of monuments of culture, architecture, starasvechchyny. This is a very fundamentally now how important it was to defend once Kurapaty. See, for some Arab naftagroshy there in the middle of an old Minsk wish to build a complex with swimming pool, bars, drinking, something like a house … That — just look at it izymatelstvo? Still waiting for a hot autumn … Students lose very many. Fundamentally assist them to understand the scale of those losses. Consequences of the abolition of privileges in France, America and even RF impressive! It seems, and we will not stay on the sidelines. "

"Vertical will dance, as if in the last year of my peers go on pratsyanuts aaplet Kalinowski"

(Man, Novopolotsk) "At the moment one of the forms of protest against the regime is ending youth from the country. Authority feels it in every way and prevents. What do you think about this?"
"Personally, I am against the young out. But when for any shares of detention throw institutions, of course, is for many the only way to continue their studies. Midst of those before, who are not very willing to act vigorously and politically pazytsyyaniravats yourself. Now it seems to me, that you do not have a little radio: vertical will dance, as if in the last year of my peers go on pratsyanuts aaplet Kalinowski.
(Sp.Mushytski Baranovichi) "What do you think about the ability of aid to Belarus west?"
"To a large degree of its imperial ambitions hinder our eastern neighbor. Political geography prevents relatively speaking Brussels contacts with democratic Belarus. Besides Westerners do not behold the very strong foundation in the Belarusian politicians, even opposition. Yeah and we can not expect much support from someone : lay more on themselves. Foreigners will not help because the opposition in the fight for Belarushchyny as our people. "

"National solidarity and spirit of the people — the best agent in the KGB and kontarzmaganni him similar"

(Boris Buhel, chairman of the Human Rights Centre of Mogilev) "We have young oppositionists are increasingly fall under the processing intelligence agencies: boys bullied, try to recruit … The psychological pressure is very strong! Countermeasures you thought about?"
"The most important thing here — operational messages in the media. Bolshennom In light informer yes gebisty will be afraid to show excessive activity — it is not profitable to be in the news, TV news, or snapshots. And still required regular meetings with local activists, so that in case of a defeat nyastalastsi not get . As it happened, for example, with Yaroslav Hryshchenya Baranovichi: local community youth BPF just passed it as the best in the Russian era. Youth need to temper that she kept each other. Folk solidarity and spirit of the people — the best agent in the KGB kontrzmaganni and was similar. "
(Buhel) "I would recommend to always achieve more than those who try to intimidate young people or recruit her, complete disk imaging: who, where, in what order … Need to act directly whenever read: your actions are illegal, I will write to the prosecutor, report to the media-independent. Remember complaints KGB or MVD in general do not give — you must complain about the personalities, explains what specifically they violate the law. "
(Stepan Kozeko :) "Captain KGB in Minsk Dmitry Whistler investigator Sergei Grakhovo — you’ll be a long time to keep in mind these and other people that you were arrested, interrogated? What wille with them, when the power will change? How about the idea of a ban on the profession? "
"Captain Whistler, sure, I remember that. After all, he was the first security officer, with whom I had to deal with. And he twice commanded my arrest — in the past year and This year. In both cases, almost pulled the Young under criminal cases, very very affected. The man who managed to be priklnnym to power, and even speaking in their language, showed "Stakhanovskaya" jealousy in his work, in a democratic Belarus in the KGB or the prosecutor’s office has no right. The same sire Grokhovsky very cool showed its essence in the "Partnership", now that’s "good" care with us to say: I’m such a pro, look what he did to your predecessors, and then you have to put the landing assembly flow … To such people need to use quite adequate measures. Thus on the basis of the laws that they violated specifically in Lukashenko’s Belarus. "

"Christianity even stronger factor than political ahryshchvanne. If Christians are fighting it Undefeated"

(Tatiana, Minsk) "Which of you Christian principles important? And who are you to confession?"
"Every covenant of Christ connected with others, there can not allocate one thing. Sometimes I visit Reddish church, as well as the Pentecostal Church Pastor Yaroslav, who was about to be deported from Belarus."
(Tatiana) "Can a religion to promote the involvement of youth to Belarushchyny?"
"Many Russian believers, we proposed to reflect on this theme: the Lord gave to each its own language, means it is impossible, we do not have the right to offend those gifts? And many are beginning to read in Belarusian. Paramount importance and recognizable example of the believers, members of the democratic movement. This Paul Seviarynets, Alexey Shein, Dashkevich, Denis Sadowski … are activated and special Christian projects, for example, "Litvinsky club." I’m not talking about Reddish church, where a private theater and concerts of Christian music — not so long ago Andrew Melnikov Alesya Yanukovskay singing … Do not speak about such striking example, as Adam Stankevich. other words Christianity still stronger factor than political ahryshchvanne. If Christians are struggling, it is unbeatable. fact confirmed by the experience of Poland, the Czech Republic. Without God, we never win. A will be a long, long walk in the dark, as at the moment. "
(Olga Cameco, Minsk) "Once on Freedom of expression heard from you: it is time to forget about the cult of martyrdom!" What does this mean? "
"In the book of 1st of Czech writers read about the Soviet occupation: while many professed this particular cult — honoring those who fought to the death of an imposed regime. They did not worshiped there. But — after the death of the Patriots … Then pitied died so early, which was, that the same could not tolerate the communists, we are proud, we will always keep in mind the children will tell, write a book, called the street … Wept and immediately expected: but once from this cohort will soon die or sit, let himself in sacrifice for them, shrill … And again, then they will regret, promise, admire …
No, my friends, in other words you need to — hold hands as read Kastus Kalinowski, and go forward. And do not cry that can be put Malady, but can — no … Much more important to do so that those landing, arrests, disappearances, sudden death does not recur. We’ve had enough ahvyarnitstva rather live the cult of martyrdom. "
(Olga) "What is now the Belarusian patriotism?"
"Today is a Christian form and content of State."
"When you have faith, Dimitri?"
"I believe in God. Indeed, as one reads a Christian philosopher, if God comes first, then everything else on your own site. Togo for you wish."
• Zmiter Fedoruk: "During these two months, we can still build huge muscles" 31.05.2007

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