Amphibious aircraft Be-200ES installed two redundant with 10-ka global high scores in its class to «Gidroaviasalon 2012,» said the director of management flight airshow Kim Nikitenko.
«We performed two by plane Be-200ES belonging Beriev. Aircraft Company, and established 26 global high scores. 13 — in the first flight and 13 — second «- said at the closing of the exhibition K.Nikitenko» Gidroaviasalon-2012 «on Sunday.
According to him, the records are fixed international commissioners and will be approved within three months.
K.Nikitenko told that seaplane set records climb and level flight at the highest altitude, takeoff and landing performance on the water, taking off from water and landing on land.
«In particular, the seaplane was able to dial in record time a height of 3 thousand, six thousand and nine thousand feet without load and with payload tyscha 1, 2 thousand and five thousand pounds, also set a record for the highest altitude in horizontal flight,» — K.Nikitenko said.
He also noted that during the «Gidroaviasalon» took part in the Flight 27 aircraft of different types, which collectively completed 138 flights. «In addition, unscheduled flights were made to extinguish a burning forest in the area of ​​Gelendzhik Bay. Forest fire was extinguished after 11 visits experimental aircraft Be-200ES, which brought water into the waters of the bay and dumped it on the fire, «- said K.Nikitenko.
According to him, the initiative belongs Beriev use. Seaplane Beriev Be-200ES belonged to the mayor of Gelendzhik, which asked the company to provide the aircraft after the fire has not been able to extinguish the ground services.
Exhibition «Gidroaviasalon-2012» ended on gidrobaze Beriev im.Berieva Gelendzhik on Sunday. As part of the air show held demonstration flights amphibians and spectators was presented on a static Hidrotechnika parked.

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