38 thousand metropolitan families do not pay the rent

According to Director General of the disk imaging "Minsk City Housing Authority" Viktor Vorobyov praterminovaya receivable population is almost 6 billion rubles. Exclusively in the capital of more than 38 thousand landlords do not pay for utilities, 600 people do not pay more than 3 years. What measures can be applied to malicious non-payers, the lawyer explains:

The problem is that such dwellings swing strongly enough. Evict a person generally can not be on the street

"Debt Recovery Tribunal and penalties through the suit and resettlement ZHREO at least the equipped and smallest area home. To do this, the district administration must be replacement fund. But what is needed specifically applicable to stay home, but the smallest area. The problem is that such dwellings swing strongly enough. Evict a person generally can not be on the street. "
Because there are only isolated cases of resettlement, explains basic bugaltarka "Minsk City Housing" Tatiana Zhebrun:
"On present day 20 families resettled, although filed lawsuits substantially more. We can not even apply to the tribunal for resettlement, if this is a common kitchen if underage kids live, and if it is a personal apartment. "
Eviction — this is the last case where a person does not pay for years. But hard enough to collect the debts and if there is a court decision, says lawyer:
"In humans, two million of debt. How does he repay her? He has no money. According parts of salaries, if it works. Outline property. Usually, such people no property. And practically the court’s decision, but really make up the loss is very problematic. "
On last week Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Misha Pavlov referred unacceptable amount of almost 6 billion arrears population for housing and communal services. "For that kind of money, you can build a kindergarten," the mayor criticized the defaulters, public utilities and requested to urgently establish measures to eliminate debt.
Summary bugaltarka Tatiana Zhebrun states that its proposal the utility more than once, by:

Since the beginning of the heating season debt grows. Very sharply

"We have made a proposal to the Housing Code configuration, especially if the apartment is in a private property. Other words auctioning, loan repayment, buying homes and the smallest area at the expense of human difference. But this has been going on three years, and until the matter is resolved . "
Winter approaches, flat fee will increase significantly because the heating season begins. Summary bugaltarka "Minsk City Housing" Tatiana Zhebrun predicts:
"We did an analysis of debt. Since the beginning of the heating season the debt grows. Very sharply."

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