A.Batsyukov Politics has never been the essence of the work I

Znatkevich "How Mogilev first question: Why this injustice? On Neman wrote the song, but that’s about Dnipro — who sang in his own prose Vladimir Korotkevich — and no song or verse …"
"The place where I felt the first time Belarusian own — is a hamlet Revival"
Batyukov: "A" carries Sukhodil Dnieper its rich tribute? "For me, this says it all about the Dnieper — Dry Valley, a narrow … Why not? He’s not the whole Belarusian because never been associated with something rodnenky as Berezina or the same Neman ".
Znatkevich: "Means, so that the larger Dnieper — there, then, in the Ukraine?"
Batyukov: "This is a thread znitovvae us, Russian and Ukrainians … In my personal actual place Dnipro occupies no space for the reason that I’m out of it and do not eat, and it does not make me any way, nor is in the way . lot dearer to me Drut, the river of my youth, a typical cradle in nature. ‘Cause I think the Dnieper and claimed in our poetic sphere on a higher role as the Neman. "
Znatkevich: "But it is surprising to hear it from someone who lives in the town on the Dnieper …"
Batyukov: "Nothing unusual. Drut me closer, because the river is my village, I believe your own home to more than Mogilev. This is the place where I felt the first time Belarusian own — is a hamlet Renaissance, the very name of which, eh? Mogilev district on Belynechey. Dnepr a cool, fast, dirty at the same time — he never enticed to go there to swim or said, elevates it … "
"What is wanted — it was written"
Znatkevich: "Previously, the Belarusian literature states that it is virgin, can be artificially virgin, optimistic. Is there in the works of writers such latest generation" zvyshkampensatsyi "- say, more than dark colors, shock, death — the better?"
Batyukov: "Who the hell knows … We live in a time. Man writes and approves certain line in the literature -" virgin "or there is a" black "- not only in compensation … It’s just that currently serves as the new display, the latest time metaphors. fact that human life has become for us a very valuable symbalizuetstsa this. Earlier human life had the lowest price, was the least valuable in society, but in the art against this podymali. Now human life in the arts, on the contrary, the least valuable, but life is more than worth it. "
Znatkevich: "But what is valuable art, it is determined all the same artists — they podymali earlier, at the moment why not rise up against the" dark "…"
Batyukov: "I can not answer for everyone. If you had asked me why I have a lot of" dark ", then I would not look to that point of view to their own creativity. What he wanted — it was written."
Znatkevich: "Y" legends north of Mogilev "stories associated with urban legends. Overall, these ghosts, ghost stories — they, in your opinion, is a reflection, a product of real time?"
Batyukov: "I do not know. Certainly, sort of. I myself have parted a bit secret: I wrote them when very very long and "hung" on American literature Redskins. Because of their legends and ghosts, it seemed to me somehow became respond in me, in my heart, so I settled them where I live. In principle, such that there is unusual: the legends and ghosts pass through our art, literature, the same Barshchevsky remember … "
Znatkevich: "But his ghosts and monsters will not eat cassava …"
Batyukov: "This is my tribute to that literature, which inspired me to this work."
"We often shy, remember that not enough Protz own, but it’s not our fault"
Znatkevich "narrative" thief, murderer, thief and pickpocket "- as it is autobiographical?"
Batyukov: "All truth unsullied."
Znatkevich: "In other words, this is just about your Protz?"
Batyukov: "Yes. And this is quite recent though, that all of a sudden I heard when made inquiries about his own family» w. I had a very innocent story about my family» th — grandfather tanker that burned in the tank, just escaped … Heroic such image. A year earlier when I started asking about it all the grandmother’s own uncle, all of them together have posted this truth: on for you, thief, thief. Well .. there as it is, so what. "
Poll: Until you understand what tribe Protz own? Who were they?

Znatkevich: "Either you led me on this poll any thoughts?"
Batyukov: "The funny thing was, of course, about the old lady-cleaner remember … Good boy. This also needs to know. Thoughts are ordinary: we ourselves often slightly ashamed that not many remember Protz own, but, unfortunately, it is certainly not our fault, because we are just interested in them, and it is the fault of our close enough Protz who hesitate Protz own time during the Russian Union if smuschyatsya Protz became customary and natural phenomenon. At a very simple reason: in pre-revolutionary forefathers time machine became slightly unsafe. Because, in principle, the phenomenon is understandable people do not know enough. "
"If a product through you go, then nothing does not matter"
Znatkevich: "As for your tvrchastsi meaningful environment, a place in which you are, when you write?"
Batyukov: "I do not know … It is basically, that was the mood that is created and core too … very hard, for example, tune in, if something did not work in a conversation with a close friend. But when through you what- then the product is, then nothing matters. unprincipled that you have at hand. one I wrote his work directly on the then still ruble kupyurtsy rabbits … The main thing — the idea of record.
A very long time it seemed to me that I am a lot more and better writing would if I lived, for example, in Minsk and always raged in the Belarusian issue. Now I’m thinking maybe it’s just a common myth, maybe there would be opposite the senses dulled Belarusian? .. "
Znatkevich "policy can be traced directly to your creativity?"
Batyukov: "I’m afraid to think, but so far, thank God, is not directly traced. If something and write, like to give some extra layer for your own work, then, is some political target phrase. But it was never me the essence of the work. Look for the following text — maybe something and will … "
"Here and there, and the death penalty for what you have found a drug …"
Znatkevich: "The question in connection with our research work night — like your opinion, should be stiff penalties for drug users?"
Batyukov: "I think it’s worth. Worries me is normal for the reason that I have kids. I do not have any explanation: it is necessary, and even more. I would be very afraid when my children will grow up in the age .. . Regarding this particular person, Margarita Tsaran — I do not know. usvoyu I own kid if he only try in order to experience the newest reality to know all of it, but I can never forgive those people, that sell … "
Znatkevich: "Are not you afraid that it’s just your baby that you want to try once this reality, jailed for four years?"
Batyukov: "Here it is, in principle, I’m afraid, but what can you do … then traders are trading, when the demand is there … I do not know just what was on the case, I am very torn from life in the near future, but in principle in a situation where it was unequal sentence with similar options when others were not such a huge time, I condemn it. If this is equality with the others, who fell — what can you do, it’s the l
aw. In this case, the law can not be more tough. Somewhere there is the death penalty for what you have found a drug — how he got there, it is unclear … "

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