A. Fedorov: The actions of Gazprom economy goes next to the policy

"Gazprom", especially as for Belarus, without the help of others is not fundamentally solve such issues. He would agree with such Russian control. And I am sure that on This time was so. A it means, that the economy is close to politics.
It seems that Russian management wishes to suspend criticism own the address, which goes from Minsk to This time. For example, in an interview nedavneshnem Alexander Lukashenko French newspaper "Le Monde" re-present critical comments on the address of the Kremlin.
Our homeland is trying to ensure that the global values in the economic sphere, which goes into the political. First privatization is leading Belarusian companies with Russian capital role on preferential criteria. In short, the main goal — to tie displace Belarus. That she, as they say, and do not rock the boat. "

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