A flock of birds knocked FIGHTER F-16 IN BELGIUM

A flock of birds knocked FIGHTER F-16 IN BELGIUM
Recently the Belgian fighter-bomber F-16 crashed. Pilot with all this does not hurt, having to eject. «The pilot is safe and feels great,» — said the representative of the Ministry of Defence.
Plane fell nearby Air Force base Klein Brogel Belgium, located 160 kilometers from Brussels, in the districts of the commune Pier. Inhabitants of closely spaced houses had to close all the windows and doors, so as not to inhale noxious fumes when burning fuel.
Presumably, the tragedy occurred because of a collision with a flock of birds fighter, reports the newspaper Le Soir. This is the 17 th in a row incident with military aircraft in Belgium since 1979. Police continue investigation into the events of emergency.
On the basis of Klein Brogel, except 2-squadrons
F-16, Also located from 10 to 20 nuclear bombs tactical mission type B-61. The Belgian government has not officially confirmed this information, but the European pacifists often performed at the military base protests against nuclear weapons on the territory of Belgium, celebrate Vesti.ru.

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