A.Lukashuk: Lukashenka himself does not know how many people support it

After the speech, we asked Alexander Lukashuk share experiences.
Lukashuk: "The main thing — it’s the memories of listeners. They seem to like it. And I got a question for yourself. The Czech Republic has the second-largest city — Brno. And I think if Belarus second largest city, who could claim the status of the second capital as Brno in the Czech Republic.
Here, in Brno, for example, the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic is located, there is an office of the Ombudsman and some other principal municipal institutions.
And it makes such a desire in the town, as Brno, also become literary capital. Here they became the Belarusian literary capital in July. I wonder what would have answered our brnenskaga Belarusian participants of the festival: what other city in Belarus could become a competitor to Minsk? "
Znatkevich: "And that you yourself would this question answered? "
Lukashuk: "I usually answer. This, of course, Brest."
Znatkevich: "After reading for you to ask questions. What you amazed, surprised?"
Lukashuk: "I was amazed the question of how I feel about maravtsav, inhabitants of Moravia. What do I think about them? I said I’m just like a Moravian wine — very much."
During his speech in the hall brnenskaga theater "Husa na provazku" listeners were asked Alexander Lukashuk many political issues. Namely, one of the guests said how great support Alexander Lukashenko in Belarusian society.
Lukashuk: "The only fair and honest elections held in Belarus in 1994. Then many people supported Lukashenko. With addition time not passed any one election, about which can be It might be said that they were open and transparent. Because we can only guess how many people support Lukashenko.
Even he does not know how many people it supports: sociologists, making surveys, face the horror factor. Just came back Russian Times. How many people supported Husak, Brezhnev? .. On Actually we do not know. It turned out that as a little freedom, then there is no support. "

Alexander Lukashuk in 60th pass cattle in Brest, in 70 foreign languages graduated in Minsk, in the 80s worked as a translator, and later in the newspapers, publishing, documentaries (municipal award for the film "The Road to Kurapaty", 1994) .
He was a member of the parliamentary commission for victims of political repression (1990-1995).
Books created "Izymatelstvo", "Filistovich: return nationalist", "For tireless work of the KGB" (international prize named Frantisek Bogushevich Belarusian PEN Center, 1998), "In the night purple angle wings."
Since 1990 — to Radio Liberty, (1999 — Director of the Belarusian service).

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