A.Lyavonchyk: more freedom on the Web, which in life is virtually no

Znatkevich: "You do a lot of blogs, it does not only run your blog, and teaching others how to do it. Could you briefly explain for those who do not know what a blog is, why so many people are starting to Internet diaries? "
Leonchik: "The reason — the fact that the web has a lot of freedom to say something else, argue, disagree, which we in fact almost non-existent. For Belarusians partly the opportunity to express themselves. But in the world, this is also a major prerequisite . People who want to earn money through your own blog — is there, but they can make up 10 percent. "
"The popularity of blogging is spreading like a snow accumulation"
Znatkevich: "And what is the secret of most of favorite blogs? Some blogs reads a handful of friends, some have thousands of readers …"
Leonchik: "In 1-x, is a blog that sometimes supplied unique content. For example, a blog that during the hurricane" Katrina "in the United States aired footage from there very rapidly acquired popularity. There are also blogs, holders of which is very excellent" syatkuyutstsa ", in other words, they put their own purpose to get acquainted with as a huge number of people through their blogs and they organize some social activity, as we have done in Belarus. Because these blogs are becoming popular because they lure more , which in turn anyone besides it goes like this snow accumulation. "
Znatkevich: "you have said about some unique content — have any Belarusian blogs with unique content for which you would recommend to pay attention?"
Leonchik: "There. I personally like more of my blog hvost.org. This blog is one person, but it teaches a lot of video of our so called official and not only official prazdnichkom. But it is quite unique, as it spares no time to process it and put it — not quite who we do it because we have an expensive website.
Would also highly recommend the blog nick MeRamo — He, too, is fairly well known as e Learnthe man teaches excellent photo reports from various events. These are the blogs in the Belarusian sector, which for me are more exciting. In the English sector them too much, but there is no such direction, there are also over the years not to write anything exciting, and at one point to write something … "
"Bloggers can supplement what you do not know Prof. journalists"
Znatkevich: "Some people they say that blogs will soon oust the classic media that people tsyaperashnyaaga generation much more accustomed to receiving information from blogs instead of the usual newspapers, television. As this prospect is real?"
Leonchik: "I do not think they vytsesnyats classic media — they overcome them naturally, but I am of the eye that these blogs will complement them.
For example, in Poland was a fascinating experience, when the "Gazeta Wyborcza" asked people to describe the state of the health system in the country, especially with regard to maternity hospitals. When they did it with one or two journalists prof they had not received such disk imaging, which could give a complete picture.
At the same time they are through their own online portal asked all those who write on blogs and was once in hospitals, go to their website and answer a few questions, bloggers have done this, and even the Polish Minister of Health was just amazed and said that they will work to resolve these problems. In other words, it is thousands of journalists working for you. They do not have the professionalism that is needed to write an article, but they can supplement what you do not know Prof. journalists. "
Znatkevich: "But the question here is not only in prafesiyanalizme, and to trust in the power of information. If you are reading the same" Gazeta Wyborcza ", you realize that this prof edition, it is the latest least somehow holds the key to their own journalists and if someone wrote something through the blog — how do we know that this person is trustworthy? "
Leonchik: "Nowhere. You can check how this man writes the truth, but in principle the web Belarusian arises trend is considered not just a good voice, and the need to specify the source disk imaging or those sources where you can check this information. Strongly enough at the moment people who just copy the information from somewhere and did not indicate where it came from and under what circumstances. In any case, it is necessary to inspect the information. But if it is applicable, for example, to the video, then it is partly in Belarus real because we can mount not enough who and partially people lack the ability and means to express any forgery. "
Poll: Do you often use at work for personal web browsing the necessities?

Znatkevich: "What induced you thought this poll?"
"In Belarus, there were two outstanding cases where blogs assist the real world"
Leonchik: "In 1-x, it indicates that we — this is no exception to the general trend in the world, people also enjoy web browsing specifically for these needs — they need to find information quickly, and very very popular at the moment is prepared specifically dating .
But unlike us from Western society that the West Internet users feel that the web allows them to do something in your own community. They know that the Web has tools such as the Internet community on blogs or any special portals where they can organize a group to do something.
But in Belarus were also just two notable cases, which in Russia, for example, was not there when blogs assist the real world. This is the case of Grodno, Grodno when two blogs and s13.ru blog.hrodna.net so were able to coordinate protection activists an old Grodno, that the official vertical which had hitherto not direct attention to bloggers, as considered them unworthy of attention, launched a massive campaign in their own media to prove that bloggers are not right, that it is their plan for the reconstruction of Grodno surest.
And the second case — it’s the release of Denis Denisov, when the only position in society minsk.by LiveJournal journal began a fundraising campaign. And one of the people who started this campaign, was a man who in the real world would not have been able to do — it can print almost one finger, he is paralyzed. "
Znatkevich: "According nedavneshnemu English study, about 40 percent of bloggers write about the activities of their companies, and from time to time is a conflict-sensitive information — the Belarusian context is there?"
Leonchik: "This is, but not so many people prefer to comment partly political events. Company news they currently do not comment very much."
"North of Afghanistan is very tolerant"
Znatkevich: "Apart from the fact that you are engaged in blogging and other online projects, you travel a lot and worked in Afghanistan for a long time. What was the work like in ytam were?"
Leonchik: "Turned out I was there using their own student organization, which had previously consulate here in Belarus, is AIESEC, an international organization of students studying economics, and I worked there as a journalist company Internews Afghanistan, dedicated to supporting radio stations based in the cities of Afghanistan malehankih to spread free announcements in the provinces where there was never any communication, and I was engaged technical and administrative training — as the station keep yourself afloat when the funds will not be. "
Znatkevich: "And for you not terribly had to go to Afghanistan? Many say such terrible things about this country
Leonchik: "Not that scary — I read a lot much about this country and the situation there I knew. In 1-x, in the north and in the center, in Kabul, all is quiet, no explosions, at least when I was there, was not. Here in the south of Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan, I would not recommend to anyone at the moment to go, much less one.
In the north there normally — in North Afghanistan is very tolerant, there are mixed of different nationalities — Pashtuns, Tajiks, uzbeki, many small nationalities, whereas South Afghanistan — monapushtunski, Pashtuns and constantly believed that they were deprived of power illegally, particularly South American invasion of Afghanistan . Before they ruled the country, and now have to share power with others. Because they do not really like the South American presence there, as well as what happens in Kabul — worldly life, etc. South is very limited in religious terms. "
"In Afghanistan, everyone speaks at least 3 languages"
Znatkevich "What struck you most in Afghanistan, as you never knew before they arrived in this country?"
Leonchik: "Oddly enough, I was struck by how friendly people there. I heard that in Asia it is normal, there is a saying among them that the guest stands followed after God. Essentially, when a person is traveling there if the foreigner shows respect their culture, at least, not an opponent, they will do anything for him, so it was nice to be there. And second thing — is how at the moment there is no hatred of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Such feeling that as the troops left there, we turned into best friends. "
Znatkevich "What features of Afghans, not including hospitality, Belarusians would cost to adopt?"
Leonchik: "They are very very datrymlivayutstsa own culture, language, though ardent nationalists — its only and nothing else — are not. Afghanistan everyone speaks at least 3 languages, in such a multicultural country need it. They are very open to the West , and while aware of the border, where assimilation begins.
Those things that they say about Afghanistan that there unfashionable people unwilling to modernize — it is not. And yet they are able to defend their country, but not a good trait — it is when they do not like their neighbors, they are ready to go and cut the throat. Much of the destruction in civilian war occurred not through the Soviet army, and after the Russian troops left. Kabul was destroyed by the Afghans themselves. "
Znatkevich: "You have worked not only in Afghanistan but also in India — where you have such a passion for travel?"
Leonchik: "I do not know. As a child I read a lot about the British Empire, traveling on the time that the English aristocrats sent their own kids in colonial India — I was very curious. I love languages, I love to learn something new, and in principle, it was not adventurous. I would, for example, now has never gone to Iraq to Baghdad — although for example to the north, in Kurdistan, I would go, because I know that the situation here is quite measured, hidden. "

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