A. Milinkevich called KGB harassment of students finish for dissent

The proclamation states that "in soon by members of the Committee of State Security has expanded the practice of harassment and pressure on students applets after K. Kalinowski. Committee members invite students applets Kalinowski on conversations on personal apartments, meet them at the railway station when the fellows applets vorachivayutsya in Belarus on vacation, visiting students and their parents in their own homes and in the workplace. Committee members often try to persuade participants to applets Kalinouski so called thefrom "cooperation". "
Alexander Milinkevich draws attention that the State Security Committee staff during contacts with students applets after K. Kalinowski not once used measures that violate the Constitution Republic of Belarus.
Alexander Milinkevich urges KGB officers continue to refrain from the practice of politically targeted persecution public activists and finish pressure, intimidation and trials recruiting scholarship students Kalinouski applets.
Kalinowski applets students were called to the KGB, 13.07.2007

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