A. Severin Configurations in Belarus should peninsula within the country

Why Adrian Severin believes that in the upcoming human rights situation in Belarus will deteriorate? Journalist "People’s Will" Marina Ruhl interviewed former Rapporteur on Belarus in the UN on human rights issues. The conversation took place after the post had been held by Adrian Severin, has been canceled. But maybe, just so Adrian Severin was more frank than usual to allow diplomats themselves? Interlocutor, which represents newspaper as "a passionate man in search of truth," is aware of the dilemmas faced by when doing his job to monitor the situation in Belarus, also hides and claims to the Belarusian opposition.
Journalists "Narodnaya Volya" examine the problem faced by the inhabitants of Minsk in ordinary life. Or continue to hold out kiosks at bus stops? How to take credit bank in Minsk? Advice in banking shares past chairman of the State Bank Stanislav Bahdankevich.
In the criminal section of the newspaper placed real sensation — Enigma disclosed murder Belarusian banker Alexander Lisnichuka, who died in 1993. The newspaper calls names plausible artist and customer of this crime.
"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" to the 125th anniversary of the Belarusian poet has placed an interview with his great-niece, in which proven bloodlines relatives majestic stately poet and painter Monet Kloden. Newspaper correspondent Gleb Lobodenko mentions and noteworthy stories about Jahnke Kupalu people who knew him well. For example, how to bathe jealous spouse, as urged Zmitraka Byadulya write in Belarusian yes for that one moment of offended Jakub Ear Yanka Kupala on.
In Moscow, settled more than 250 pairs of nightingales. By the number of these birds the city took second place in the country after Brest, a city newspaper reports Slutskaya "Info-Courier". But the main topic of another issue of the weekly — the problem of air cleanliness in the town. How to involve journalists, their work is necessary to improve not only the employees of the local sweet factory, and local bureaucrats that unseasonably inform people about environmental prepyadstviya.
"Bobruisk courier" support efforts to expand the usage of the Belarusian language. Journalist Victor Kachan said "Freedom":
"We tell about the initiative of the Bobruisk branch of the Society of the Belarusian language name Skarina. They appealed to the management of the joint stock company" Reddish pischevik "with a request to use the municipal Belarusian language on the packaging of its own products." It is sad and shameful — write TBM members of the community — that sweet business Card Bobruisk "Marshmallow" has no Belarusian scenery on any of the many species. Meanwhile, the city and the whole of Belarus overwhelmed Ukrainian confectionery products, which is framed in Ukrainian and excellent sale. "
"It was an accident, oversight or special advertising policy?" — Ask questions creators appeal that publishes "Bobruisk courier".

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