About candidates learn from the ballot

Do you understand the candidates on your constituency? Whether they are campaigning? These questions, our correspondent Oleg Gruzdzilovich asked passers-by on the streets of Minsk.
Young office worker"As for canvassing do not know anything, but beheld portraits of candidates, read who they are.’ll See in the elections."
Woman"I do not know, I’m not interested. Portraits beheld, yes, but to me they’re just not interested."
Middle-aged factory worker"And I do not want to know. What are they? Sit on our money, but do not decide anything. All our President decides."
An employee of the factory administration"I know, I know. Myself in the commission. More about anything do not try to question me."
Peasant retirement age"Beheld leaflets with portraits, with many even excess lying on the ground. And I will vote, I do not know. Nagalasavavsya I have so much in life, and in the street walking … tired of everything. Actually it is not we need."
The young man"It seems to have such Uruchcha Mihalevitch is, of young people. Certainly, I will vote for him."
Middle-aged worker"I do not know and do not vote. Deputies from I do not see anything decent."
Young husband with a pregnant wife"We know that our district is Lebedko, we will vote for him."
Spouse"Near the entrance hang any campaign materials, but active work, I think, is not conducted."
His wife"No, why? From Lebedko was in a meeting last Friday, and from other candidates have leaflets and also something hanging on the porch."
Pensioner"Rector of the Institute, a doctor and someone else from power. Yet they did not cause my liking. Meeting with them was not, was not invited, but if invited, perhaps, would have gone."
A middle-aged guy"No, I do not know. Portraits beheld, but not read. Razbyarusya on the site, from the ballot."

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