Abrasimav roughly skhvalsyfikavav national history of the town of Minsk …

"Proceedings Mozyrskogo workers’ councils and Soldiers’ Deputies and advice Mozyrskogo Peasants’ Deputies" in 1917 he writes about women’s battalions death: "The emergence of women’s battalions death at the front did a positive impact on demoralized part, which in the main, and had in mind. Often these in almost all cases, there have been a number of aggressive actions against women’s battalions, expressed first in danger, and later in the beating and abyazzbroyvanni them. "
In 1927 year "Krasnoarmejsky truth" reports: "On Sunday, July 24 in Moscow at the central airport transfer was accomplished festive reddish Air Fleet aircraft" Capital Metalworkers ‘and avietki "Felix Dzerzhinsky." "Capital Metalworkers’ built by the Metalworkers Moscow. This combat aircraft, built on one hundred percent Russian factories. During the tests the aircraft showed brilliant flying characteristics. Avietka "Felix Dzerzhinsky" — single monaplyan made cell-person Aviyahimu OGPU. Avietka reach speeds of 160 km. takes an hour and in store fuel at 3:00. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 he criticizes the historical and economic essay "Minsk" Abrasimava: "Talking about the premises of the Minsk City Theatre, Abrasimav remembers only the Bolshevik rallies late, but quite Tipo knows that just there took place the famous first-Belarusian Congress, which was attended by 1872 delegates from all ethnographic Belarus … Catering to their own communist Abrasimav roughly skhvalsyfikavav national history of the town of Minsk … "

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