Accomplished online conference with one of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Anatoly Shumchanka

Anatoly Shumchanka born January 21, 1975. Finished PTU-22, a student of the International Humanitarian-Economic Institute. Engaged in business. Chairman of the Board public associations "Perspective", which was created to protect businessmen their rights.
In an interview with "Freedom" Anatoly Shumchanka said: "In the days of the president issued Decree number 302, on which private entrepreneurs should go to the unitary enterprises. Feature of this decree is that the address legal must be register at the place of residence. And the most important thing — the owner of such premises can not prevent audits, audits and financial activities, etc. Practically, it enables the control of the police, tax inspection, the State Control Committee to come to the apartment and seek documents to find the product, etc. If you have previously was necessary authorization to take the prosecutor — now please have the 302nd decree. This we believe izymatelstvom. "

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