Action Amnesty International in Warsaw in defense Kozulin

The action began in Warsaw from sticking-up on the sidewalk of a street in the center of Warsaw Special labels representing the inhuman conditions of detention of political prisoners in various countries.
Immediately activists "Amnesty International" encouraged passers to write a letter of Governors Zimbabwe, China, Vietnam and Belarus with a demand to release certain political prisoner — in Belarus is Alexander Kozulin.
"Such actions with one side remind Poles and international society that these countries, in including and Belarus, have the problem of political prisoners. In-2, we want to show how many people are protesting against it. In Belarus, none of the prisoners had been released during the last amnesty. You need to read about it, more pressure, "- says Wojtek Makovsky of" the International Amnesty ".
"Write until you release all" — is preparing for action-internationalist "marathon writing letters", which is held once a year, a day Human Rights December 10 — last year more than 20 Poles have written thousands of letters calling for release of political prisoners, including Belarus.
According to human rights activists, such actions are completed success for about one-third of prisoners. This satisfied Jennifer Latheef, a journalist from the Republic of Maldives.
"In September 2003, I was arrested along with other journalists are independent and sentenced to 10 years’ bullpen, charging on the basis of fabricated documents in" terrorist activity ". But later, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have launched a campaign demanding my release, and left! After 10 months bullpen president pardoned me. "

Poster "the International Amnesty" in Warsaw: "thousands of people prisoners for their beliefs in places tsyasneyshyh for it. Your letter can change their fate. Write."

On this week celebrated 500 days as Alexander Kozulin, last presidential candidate in Belarus, is behind bars.
Daughter of political prisoner Alexander said the pressure on her father’s side of the prison administration. She noted that he is deprived namely newspapers and other media disk imaging, and that even from his family» and reach him not all the letters.
In addition, by Julia Kazulina prison administration intimidates other prisoners, that they had no contact with her dad.
Alexander Kozulin was arrested March 25, 2006 during the march column to clink on Akrestin. June 13, 2006 Alexander Kozulin Tribunal Metropolitan of Minsk, was sentenced to five and a half years jail. Kozulin serving punishment in the colony "Vitsba-3." In protest Alexander Kozulin hunger strike a day or 53.

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