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Acting salting Belarus to Poland Pavel Latushko in an exclusive interview our radio studies referred helpful:
"Holding such meetings helps to get the latest information on the socio-economic development of the country, which is needed in the implementation of our national interests — for As the last, and in Poland. For example, in line with the Belarusian-Polish relations motivate me meeting in the Ministry of Energy, the Belarusian Potash Company, in commercial enterprises of Belarus. "
Belarusian Embassy in Warsaw note that the dynamics of Belarusian exports here as before persists. In This year it is 11%. But as stated Latushko salting, this handy efforts:
"So, in the last months of open trading house" Belneftehim-Poland "in Warsaw. We plan to further develop the network tavarapravadnuyu Belarusian companies in Poland. Good example here might be the acquisition of 6 stores stock company" Milavitsa "in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk and other towns . "
But last salting Belarus in the Czech Republic, Latvia and Finland Misha Marynitch calls these meetings "waste of time, which only satisfy the absence of a long personal communication ambassadors":
"In fact, there is no subject of debate. Everything is kept on any installations instructions, decrees, and not on legislation that diplomats could apply in their own practice. And while each looks with one purpose — to live a relaxed now and tomorrow. So there is no systematic work, there is no legislation which would allow market-oriented reforms. bureaucrats And now, the government — they work like a fire brigade. "
Political analyst Andrei Fyodorov said that far not all of the outdoor trade is dependent on diplomats:
"Yet almost all of the general state of affairs and the fact that these ambassadors can offer overseas buyers. If there is no high-quality products, because they neither teach, they will do nothing.
It looks like pryharoshvanne reality. Need to structurally change Belarusian economy — introduce new technology to get the latest products that will be competitive. "
In This year Belarus trade deficit almost reached the half billion dollars.
A day or figure: 1000000000 450 million dollars, 5.07.2007

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