Air Force planes distant Russian Tu-22M3 lured to destroy naval targets. As told to «News» source in the Main Command of the Russian Navy, distant bombers Tu-22M3 missile successfully hit the target during training exercises in the Northern Fleet. Now they return to fulfill one of the main problems for combat aircraft of this type — it is liquidation air enemy ships, aircraft carriers first.
— Previously, these planes were part of Naval Aviation Navy. But in 2011 they were transferred to the Air Force. Now the «land» Marine pilots began doing puzzles already in a new capacity, — explained in the Main Command of the Navy representative.
With all this basically headquarters BBC «News» explained that under the anti-tasks will be sharpened all the armed Tu-22M3 — about 40 cars.
— Almost the aircraft and was designed as a «killer of aircraft carriers». Just after the collapse of the USSR, these tasks relegated to the second plan and in general aviation fleet was as stepdaughter.
Recall that Tu-22M was created in 1969, at the height of cool war with the United States, as the bearer of the supersonic Kh-22 («Ha» -22, instead of «X» -22), created to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers. Search for bulky coats ship to aqua rocket was built in homing system for radio-goal. A couple of years rocket finalized for the destruction of ground targets.
But until 2012 antiship function aircraft actually used — the last shooting against naval targets were conducted in 1989. Because all the pilots of Tu-22M3, including those who ran together with aircraft from the Navy to the Air Force, trained to «work» on enemy ships from scratch.
— Until 2012, the pilots of our aviation group was not even theoretically capable of flying over the sea. We only practiced strikes on ground targets. At this point we already know how to navigate and find the enemy ships. In April this year practiced missile launches X-22N at surface targets — said, «Izvestia» one of the pilots of the Tu-22M3.
According to the pilot, since the beginning of 2012 the Tu-22M3 each month make educational patrols over Japan and Barents Seas.
— In the coming meant that distant aircraft will operate against naval enemy targets at once complex and own all types of aircraft. Tu-22M3 will hunt for ships, and strategic bombers Tu-95 and Tu-160 — to destroy ports and naval bases, — explained the «News» representative head of the Russian Navy command.
According to him, the Tu-22M3 can detect and strike at enemy ships within 2 thousand miles from its own airfield and Tu-95MS and Tu-160 with new cruise missiles X-101 will be able to kill even a highly secure naval base enemy at a distance of 10 thousand kilometers from the launch site. In surface and submarine naval forces no such ability, except nuclear weapons, which in local conflicts will not apply.
According to the head editor of profile views edition of «Rise» Vladimir Shcherbakov, Air Force planes far in a couple of times to increment the combat abilities of the Russian Navy.
— In the Soviet Navy ship to destroy enemy forces in distant maritime zone had submarines and missile-carrying aircraft. Currently submarine fleet has declined significantly and can not solve these puzzles. After transmission of the Navy sea missile in the Russian Air Force bombers distant aviation remains the only element that can solve this puzzle, — explained the «News» Vladimir Shcherbakov.
According to the English handbook Military Balance, on Russian Air Force currently has 16 Tu-160 aircraft, 32 Tu-95MS (about 60 of them in storage), and 115 Tu-22M3 bombers, which is capable of flying only 40.

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