Air India to get rid of the MiG-27 in 2017

Air India to get rid of the MiG-27 in 2017
Air India concerned «recurring problems» in a power plant fighter-bombers MiG-27 Russian production, and by 2017 they absolutely plan to withdraw from the Air Force. Currently, there are approximately 80 aircraft of this type (four squadrons — two in Dzhohpure (Rajasthan) and Kalaykunde (West Bengal).
Within 2 years the study was conducted motor aircraft, it was found that the R-29 turbojet has «some flaws that are very hard to fix.»
Not so long ago the factory Hindustan Aeronautics Limited was upgraded MiG-27 squadrons airbase Dzhohpur to prolong their current cycle to the designated time, said a spokesman for the Air Force.
The Air Force also plans to abandon the operation uniformly MiG-21 at about the same time. Operation fighter-bombers MiG-23 entered service in the 80s of the last century, has stopped.

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