Alexander Dobrovolsky

Alexander Dobrovolsky was born November 23, 1958. A lawyer by education. In 1989-1991. People’s Deputy of the USSR. Member of the Supreme Council of the 13th convocation, was the chairman of the subcommittee on Drugs mass disk imaging and Relations public associations. Was the deputy manager of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich. Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party.

In an interview with Freedom, commenting on the situation the other day election  Alexander Dobrovolsky said:

"We knew that these elections will not be considered as votes. But there were some Facts Tipo warming, released political prisoners, there were allegations that the elections are willing to make more transparent. This is not realized. Candidate was boycotting. Since this is not a very common thing for voters and asks certain courage, we realized that all boycott requests stronger saturated campaign, but our real, human abilities are not allowed to campaign. Because we chose the role with the main aim to get public support as a result of the information campaign. And here we adhere to this strategy. As for I personally, for me it has lost meaning, as almost all were blocked ability to print campaign materials. And because the situation here is a cover for its role, I did not. After consulting with his friends, decided film. But those who published his materials I I advise you get to the end, so basically voters learned about the present state of affairs in our country".

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