Alexander Kozulin answered questions from the audience of Liberty

"I’ve always been a supporter of European human values "

      Mr. Kozulin as your healthe after the hunger strikes, feceseSRI, all family losses? How do you see your future?

My state is healthyI obviously requests a certain survey. But at the moment it is not enough time. I see my future in the fight for their country, for their country, for their own people.

Solzhenitsyn said, that would not be what has become, if not hit the Gulag. Bullpen you took very many, and that she gave to you?

I agree with Solzhenitsyn, since I lived in the clink ininner world that is very different from the outer. Bullpen took me a very, very many … But torment, they clean, remove any strata, skin, and self closer  to the origins of the nature and understanding of life.

   What do you think will give to you the right to run for the next presidential election? And if you have a desire to participate in them?

You know, I was not even worried, or will not allow me to participate in the next presidential election. In any case I will participate in them. And as anyone — answer time.

Sovereign Kozulin, during an online conference on the first Freedom 2006 You explained that Alexander Milinkevich — this western project, and you aim to the same extent and on the East and West. But here during your imprisonment sought your release specifically the West and Moscow no sound. Well, at the moment you meet the Ministers of the European Union and the President of the United States, but not the Kremlin bureaucracy. So at this point you become too westernized?

I’ve always been a supporter of European human values. And at the moment I meet with those who support them in turn and implements.

Our homeland own mouth Ambassador Surikov directly called on Belarus to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Apparently, she is very interested in this and expects its ally — Belarus — support her in this matter. For recognition made by PKB favorite Sergei Kalyakin, in Ukraine — a favorite of the Party of Regions Viktor Yanukovych. And what is your position — worth Belarus officially recognize the independence of these territories?

CSTO meeting showed that even supporters of the Russian Federation in no hurry to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Belarus recognition of this independence, crossed to those preferences, which she received after the release of political prisoners, to improve relations with the EU and the U.S.. Because, of course, at this point in Belarus have a choice in which direction to go. I think that after the parliamentary elections will be made all the appropriate conclusions. And time will tell which way to elect Belarus.
     "For me the important thing is not the position, and results."

At his first press conference after the release you said: "I’m starting from scratch." Does this mean that you refused to fight for leadership in the Social Democratic Party "Hulk"? Do you have plans to make some movement or party of their own followers?

Naturally, I start from scratch. And it’s very interesting, because it zero inside accommodates all. This is everything and nothing.  Because I understand how born anew, and begin life again with the experience that I have acquired. On the other hand, as if I stood up from the cradle and see the world at a different level of sight. As for leadership, I believe that favorite — this is not the position, and the favorite — is the authority. I am very pleased that the sovereign Lewkowicz now has the opportunity to express themselves at all levels and in a certain attitude to the parties and to what is going on around parties.  For me, very fundamentally, so that people can be aware of what level understanding of the world and relationship to the world they are. Because the Tsar Lyaukovich all have the ability to demonstrate their own capabilities in full. And time will tell whether he is ready to lead real or not. And this is not my question, but a question of sovereign Lyaukovich.

And if you have plans to make some movement or party of their own followers?

You know, I do not have plans, as I am free only 30 days. And in order to make decisions, and create plans, I have to look around first, to analyze what is being done. Two and a half years in this world and this life is in general a lot. Because, before taking any decisions, I have to analyze and get a very likely number of disk imaging of what happened during this period. And only then I’ll make some decisions that will do more, and in relation to their own plans.

You negotiated in Brussels and Washington, with a mandate on behalf of the United Democratic Forces. How is it possible that you can choose the chairman of the Political Council of the UDF?

For me the important thing is not the position, and results. The very fact of cooperation meaningful for me, I have always been and remain a supporter of the democratic forces were united, that they had consolidated position. As if there is splayed fingers, and when we act, fingers spread, they can break. And when we act together, as constrained by the fist, the fist that can punch every wall. Because I’m going to do everything I can to preserve the unity of democratic forces. And to look for compromises in the individual’s eye, including in relation to the personal ambitions of those or other favorites.

Sovereign Kozulin, you could briefly tell us about your meeting in Brussels and Washington, especially on today’s meeting in Washington.

I have met with virtually all officials who deal with Belarus. This sovereign and David Kramer, and with the monarch David Merkel, Michael Kozak and others. And I can see that from the United States has a very harsh intrigued to look for the solution of problems that are taking place in Belarus. Sustarakayuchysya and also in the European Parliament and representatives of the European Commission in Brussels, I wafted throughout one idea that at the moment, when it starts a dialogue between the Belarusian political regime, the Belarusian authorities and the European Union, the United States, very fundamentally in this dialogue does not get involved in trade and commerce, and sees all the same and try not to lose important: such as the universal values,  freedom, human rights, democracy, is where we stand. Do not forget abo
ut the morality of what is happening at the moment. And everywhere I emphasize that  elections, which take place in our country right now, we can say, can not be considered democratic, legitimate, fair and transparent. And very fundamentally, what will happen after 20 eighth day of September, after the parliamentary elections will be held. Very fundamentally, to understand the place of the Belarusian opposition in these negotiations should be a common and understandable. In dialogue, which is maintained, but should be all the same and the triangle is not a dialogue, in which subjectivity is necessarily democratic forces of Belarus. Then it can really lead to a process for improving the work of the European Union and the United States to a country whose name is Belarus. Also lead to some severe changes in the relationship, if all this will participate civilian society and democratic society in Belarus. Differently should not be.
     "I follower in order to participate to the maximumin and to collect natural confirmation fraud."

Sovereign Kozulin, at some point of the presidential campaign in 2006 called You A.Milinkevich jointly withdraw their candidacies in the symbol of protest against the criterion of the elections. And at the moment, as I realized oppose withdrawals opposition candidates. In your eyes the conditions better than the current election?

I think that the conditions under which held segodnyaschy campaign, under any circumstances, not better than the one that had been previously. But President Lukashenko declared to the whole world that he spends conscientious, transparent elections, which will be better than ever in any other EU country. And if the Belarusian opposition and Belarusian public does not participate in these elections, we give arguments state that the opposition is weak, there is no strong candidates who can gain the trust of the people and win re-election.  Because I follower in order to participate with a maximum ofin and to collect natural confirmation fraud and irregularities in this election, which will be able to later become the basis of the report of the mission and the OSCE PDIPCH. Then it will become clear to the world that the Belarusian political regime varnishing Situationsandtion, try to put it in the best possible way, than it is in fact. And ultimately no deepest configurations occurs. There are simply zeal power embellish reality. Because my position — as much as possible to participate in these elections.

Who of you would go to the opposition in exploration? 

When we speak of the opposition, I would have all the same, this word meant not only the inner side of the issue, political parties and the movements are now hearing. Huge numbers of people in our country is in the internal opposition to the regime. If we look at the polls, which were conducted by the same IRI, then they can be used to judge that more than 70 percent of the population was in favor of Belarus  configuration. In other words, the Belarusian people waiting for change reached the stern, a positive assessment. Because I have friends who do not support the current power and ready to fight for our country in the configuration. Here  with them I would  and went to investigate. Their families, I will not name, because they are very willing to hear segodnyaschy our government. And believe me, these people in Belarus pretty.
"Mcolorful, what I came to save not one life of young people. "     

If you were able to rewind back time and again to get into the March 19, 2006, what would you want to do differently?

Time to Unwind reverse unrealistic. Important is the experience that we get.  What conclusions do and from the mistakes we have made, and positive that we have accumulated. I was not going to win the 2006 presidential campaign, but I’m going to tell people the truth, bring it to the broad social strata. I was going to shatter the base of today’s dictatorship to a foundation, and show the world that these bases are unstable. And that they hold only terror and violence. Is it worth it to counter this violence vsepaglynayuchamu fortitude, strength, truth and virtue ethics and honesty, these foundations, to be honest, if not outright destroyed,  then actually die on the vine. I can not judge how it came at me, I think, let it solve the people themselves.

One of our listeners called and compare your calls go to Akrestsin March 25, 2006 events in Andijan in Uzbekistan, where people died. And he called it a provocation and a guest of Natalia Borisova on the website says: "Why March 25, 2006 Are you encouraged people to go to Akrestsin then you had hoped to storm special detention razmerkavannik? I did not participate this time because there was already in a detention facility in the town of Zhodino. "

Then thousands of young people, while from 19 to 25 March 2006 were in Akrestsin. And I spent the next few days trying to figure out where there are kids. In fact ancestors knew nothing — where their children, one of them, and it obviously has caused them very great excitement and even confusion. And I acted like a person who is not able to do differently. We were not going to attack the jail and walked to show emotional support to young, who had a definite and firm position on what is happening, who fought for their country, who sacrificed his own freedom, which fell under the steamroller of repression, batons, fists and boots. And do not support them morally, not come and say that we are with you, we remember you, we will not forget you and we will fight for you, I just could not humanly. And it’s nI that I called all go on Akrestin, but the fact is that thousands of young people themselves were going to go there. And they obviously would have gone there anyway, no favorites. But to throw themselves in the terrible situation that was developing on March 25, I too could not humanly. Someone has to take responsibility for what  will happen, someone had to shut it down himself, his reputation, and avoid that penalty, which meant power. I suppose that I came to save not one life of young people because of what I went with them on Akrestin.

"Belarusians will be and Belarus. "

   You are now in the United States. Or does not appear you desire encounter there with Pozniak and discuss the burning issues concerning the Belarusian reality? How do you feel about the person Poznyak?

I belonged to Poznyak and treat with great respect as a person who played a decisiveth role in the formation of national consciousness  Belarusians and rebirth. Because, of course, I am ready to meet him at any moment, as he so wishes. By the way, in New York, I will be meeting with Ivonka Survila chairman BNR, an
d I believe that this is a very important point. After the upcoming movement of Belarusian societywithtion must be informed and based on the actual values of the Belarusian, Belarusian culture and history. And along the way we have to connect our past and voedinyzhdy and true and, of course, our future. I am convinced that without the union of all Belarusians in the world and no association with any of the BNR Rada poor will be our motion to the future. Because I will do everything in my power to ensure that we were together, and in order to have the Belarusian society appeared base foundation. Belarusians will be and Belarus. This for me is fundamentally principled.

During the principalship at BSU your style of work and relations with pedkollektiva, namely zapalchyvasts and anger provoked strong not a good response. And at the moment the best part about this recall. Either you have changed? Steel  calmer and more than fair?  If you become president, we do not get  More 1st bugger? In this regard, no popliteal, it is natural and based on deference to for you as a politician. 

Any one of us has its own position. I think the staff BSU professor vykladnitski composition and students will be able to associate that he had been rector Kozulin and what happened with him,  What is done in seven and a half years of his principalship. And what is being done at the moment when there is no Kozulin. Exclusively in relation we can realize that this is fine, but what is bad. In the world there is nothing concrete in this world everything is in harmony. Plus and minus, good and evil, light and darkness. They constitute  holistic view of the world. Bullpen gave me a lot more in terms of acquisition of tolerance and patience — this is my wealth. In ancient times, read: "Patience — it’s a gift from heaven, and it must be earned." Maybe it’s me at the moment and this heaven, so that I could move on. And with a great understanding of past, present and future to go through this life. Because I’m bad to very impudent and believe that only deference to the human personality and to the disclosure of his indyviduyalnastsi quite the ability to identify free will and there is this world.

You Russian Belarusian. What is your vision of integral solutions of problems of the Belarusian language and related prepyadstviya national consciousness and awareness of the history of his country? Will you read in Belarusian?

You know, I am a child of his time. I studied in a British school special. And I did not have great ability to know and to speak their language. Moreover, in a British school was eight hours devoted specifically British. In the UK and studied history, and other disciplines. A mother tongue exclusively in the latter class was devoted to one hour per week. Because it is clear that I could not have that language. And I did not have the ability to read in Belarusian. Now I understand that when we have independence and if we build the future, the favorite, who is fighting for the future should read Belarusian, should know their native language. Obviously I will do it. But when the doctor says something broadcast in Belarusian, and if he makes mistakes, it does not suit him as Professor and responsible person. Because I’m working on their own Belarusian. And I think that after a while I will read confidently. As for the national consciousness and awareness of the history of his country, I will do it in practice. And soon you will see that I have been working in this direction. Because little wait.

"Life led me to enter politics."

Mr. Kozulin, here you are a smart man, but where at one time was your position by two plainclothes gap stretches "referendums" 95th and 96th years, on beating deputies in the same 95-m? Neuzh you not beheld what great evil came from Lukashenko, but remained on his team as a member of the government? Thanks for the answer.

It is very proper question, and very fundamental. All of us are on the way of understanding and experience. I do not galyasavav for Lukashenko in 1994. After all, I thought that people from the farm can not govern. But over time, when I made sure that he enjoys — at that time — the absolute support of the Belarusian population, it seemed to me that perhaps I was in something calledI’m right. And maybe I do not understand what is happening and what should happen in nature. That’s why I joined the team Lukashenko. Wholeheartedly believing that this man wants to do something for his own home country and for the people. That he sincerely wants to help people. Actions 95-96 years, of course, have caused me severe internal indignation. But at certain moments from time to time I thought that maybe some nuances prevent Lukashenko to hold very rapidly their policies into practice. And it allowed for slightly different attitude to these thefts. I thought that maybe it will take some time and he learns that he was wrong, that it is necessary to give a great opportunity for democratic processes in society, for creativity and talent of individuals and society as a whole. But future work closely and deal withs they obviously uniformly opened my eyes. Because, starting from 19’99, I began to build everything in a completely different perspective. And the fact that the students of BSU in 2001 formally voted against Lukashenko’s policy, — gThis, apparently, also says a lot. Indeed, the only major institution in Belarus exactly expressed his attitude to the policy held Lukashenko. 80% of students voted against this policy. Because different can relate to everything, and I agree with Ins assessments of events 95th and 96th years. And they appeared particularly those internal foundation that began to happen on. But then I had a chance to give Lukashenko on recognition of our own mistakes and acceptance of others, correct, decisions. Which ultimately failed.


       Pochetaemy Mr. Alyaksandr you have repeatedly emphasized that our homeland is and will be the coming of our allies (sorry if not realized), and as I understand it, you do not even against the Union of Russia and Belarus. The question whether we need an alliance with the state, which are increasingly and increasingly slipping into authoritarianism and isolation? And do you share outlook Lukashenko that Belarusians have to lie to NATO tanks, if useful, but keep them in Russia?

I previously was not a politician. And he came to policy as needed. I was a specialist in the field of education. Life forced me to go into politics, life forced me to do, maybe the fact that I do not like. But I see no other choice but to fight and find her place in this struggle against the dictatorial regime. After graduating from the prison education, I also received a diploma policy. And now I have some time to work on a specialty, work acquired a diploma. And if we wish to take any position, the position of this, especially if it relates to politics, should be ver
y balanced. Again, I take the same study, which spent IRI, and in them we litsezreem that the vast majority of the population of our country — it is in some places 70, and even 80 percent — support the development of relations with Russia. And does not see these trends do not notice them, we can not. Because I still, hold the same view that I was like a presidential candidate. We should be a golden bridge between Russia and the West, we must have good relationship with the EU, so with the United States. We need not have enemies anywhere. We must cooperate with all. And, of course, Russia’s role in relation to Belarus is very principled.  And do not celebrate it’s not fair and not right. I believe that often in their own statements we try to please others or look and feel. But fundamentally, we were so close to the reality on the feet and understand what is happening in nature. Because my awareness and vision of what the allied business with Russia will be saved. But we must have the same business alliances and partnerships with the European Union. And at this moment in this area, we have to work. I also believe that we have to have my best deal with the U.S., and do everything possible to these things become really sincere and honest. In politics fundamentally honest friends. And if that happens, then everything will be fine.


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