Alexander Lukashenko recommends collective sow vine

Meeting lasted more than 2-hours. Alexander Lukashenko slushival control regions, asked how the harvest goes, what is the situation with green peas, corn or seeds with milk.
More comments expressed Brest Regional Executive Committee head Konstantin Sumar, who complained zalivanne fields.
"About what you verse states in the Brest region? This element birthed you. Maybe partly present in this hall. Couple of times I orient you to the fact that we can determine what to plant and what fields. Sow forest there. Sow vine later punched her, and pressed start smoking stove or what else. Why do you rowed funds? "- Recommended to Lukashenko.
Subject fuel was One of the most burning. Alexander Lukashenko said:
"I wish again nationwide say, we must dry grain dryers only working with wood. As an exception — use gas. Well, diesel, heating fuel — this profligacy. You must convert all dryers for drying grain on the wood. "
According to the Belarusian leader, the cost of natural gas at the moment more than 100 bucks for a thousand cubic meters
"Do not assume that we will lgotirovat for you cost of natural gas. We now and so prepyadstviya pay natural gas Russian Federation. And the government is now again perakulvayuchysya, conduct these negotiations."
With On the other hand, Alexander Lukashenko has campaigned to raise fruits and vegetables in greenhouses:
"We can all grow at. We have the ability to grow all crops grown in the world. This I ascertained during a visit to the Sultanate of Oman. Who said, now oranges or lemons grown in unfavorable criteria Belarus in greenhouses? "
Gomel region to report on progress — instead of 12 collected about 20 thousand tonnes of malting barley. Alexander Lukashenko rebuked with this year brewers take barley in Europe.
During report Alexander Lukashenko ordered to prevent the fall in milk and noted that the situation with the supply of milk in Minsk and processing plants be corrected.
He also that the government is more than making a reality in agriculture, will not invest. And that 3.4 trillion rubles per year.
"I have already stated that no subsidies from next year. We anyway halve, and a year later no subsidy per liter and kilogram, we shall not give. These funds will not be able to work even give. Only in the development of the real base. Eats funds will no longer be. "

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