Alexander Lukashenko: Suspend anarchy on the Web. Maybe censor the web?

Alexander Lukashenko criticized the Ministry of disk imaging, which "walks around the web, and to approach it can not." "You have to take the law and find the right place in it electric media", — stated Lukashenko, adding that unacceptable, that the greatest achievement of the world’s population turned into "information trash." What in fact could lead an attempt to prevent anarchy in the web? That’s what I asked the creator of the online newspaper "Solidarity» ( Alexander Starikevich:
A.Starikevich: "Before the web quietly steal"
"I think they really matched to the web. While not very well known, what to do, but had already decided: do something necessary. Indeed, in the field of television beginning there was a predominance of the country. As for newspapers, with more evenly or less strong and influential publications are independent too clear. And at the moment the market is dominated by "Russian Belarus." But the situation is reversed in the web. Municipal websites to visit indeed, as noted yesterday Lukashenko, occupy a very moderate position. Because, of course, decided to correct this imbalance and now will do it somehow. "
One of leverage in the Internet space, according to experts at the law should be "On disk imaging, information and information security." Bill has been developed and must approved at the autumn session of the House of Representatives.
Shepherds: "The new law as abstract"
As the Managing Legal Resource Centre of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Misha Shepherds document allows the state to make full control of all sources of information:
"The study of this bill has led us to the conviction that basically it is not even a law, but some abstract feast. Indeed, immediately the question arises: why need such a law society, the state, the citizens? In the first part clarifies the law was adopted for the implementation of the right to an embodiment of the search, transfer, receipt, storage, processing, use or provision of information. But we these questions the already fairly settled. And what else a guidance law, if there is a constitutional right to receive, store and distribute disk imaging?
In the edition of "Russian Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko said Belarus in the last three years the number of users of the web has doubled — from 1.3 million to 2.6 million people. At the same time, as the head of Belarus, the growth of subscription to the print media does not exceed 1 percent, and the average visit Web sites grows by 20% every six months. Together with those municipal ideology on the web is very shy, but among municipal websites no 1st with the audience more than five thousand users.
V. Yanchevskii: "Web all the same occupies the place "
Even municipal functionaries are not ecstatic about the prospects for control of the web. 1st Deputy Information-Analytical Center under the administration of President Vsevolod Yanchevskii reads in millennium new technologies Web reasonably replaces other sources of information:
"I take most of the information from the Web. And I know that not only those engaged in some specific information things, so do, moree number of people. They do not look even television channels do not look TV news. They load news websites charged analytical pages and take the information from there. Not even about 10-15 years speech, and most recently web very massive and very occupied place. Already even a TV in the web cross. "
Meanwhile, Alexander Lukashenko is concerned, in Belarus free state ideology of opposition exists online space, which exceeds the audience (for a month) half a million copies "Russian Belarus." "If you read, what they publish, then we have a massive shout us voices and aggressive states" — expressed concern Lukashenko.
• A.Bastunets: "The situation with the media are independent may be exacerbated, 11.08.2007

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