Algirdas Baharevich I chelovekanenavistnik, and not afraid to admit it

Kalinowski: "Algirdas, say, in Germany you listen songs Belarusian groups?"
Baharevich: "I have not listened to them in Belarus, but in Germany I was really getting through for some reason. I for myself have downloaded from the web is my beloved" Ulysses ", the first two albums that I consider them excellent.
Kalinowski: "A recording of" provocation ", for example, from the album" Ordinary Morning "?
Baharevich: "Absolutely not … On the" provocation "I’ll be honest, I really forgot."
Kalinowski: "Some have hitherto considered one of the favorites in this group of ex …"
Baharevich: "They are mistaken, I think. They live in a certain sense, the last day. Their main mistake is that people are able to take certain persons as static figures, which do not develop either in time or in space. Maybe for some I and remained 20-year old man or a 25-year-old. actually I celebrated the birth of their days are pretty often. "
Kalinowski: "What kind of music for you to enjoy the moment: punk, rock, jazz?"
Baharevich: "Apart from" Ulysses "in Hamburg, I do not listen to rock music. Last couple of years I only listen to traditional music."
Kalinowski: "Some literary critics were that seen in your prose" punk beginning, "you agree with this?
Baharevich: "Critics who they say this, they also live in a certain sense, the last day."
Kalinowski: "Algirdas, now you are going to soon publish its own new novel entitled" The Cursed guests of the capital. "What is he?"
Baharevich: "You know, I would be a very bad writer if he could say a few words in a radio broadcast format, as this novel. I such a writer prone to shmatplyanavastsi in his works, and because it is better to wait for the same output and read it . But can say that this is my first and maybe last theatrical romance. And as impossible to imagine anything nicer than I and the theater, then I think that the novel really get exciting, and that readers will accept it because I would wish. "
Kalinowski: "And if he will be placed and where?"
Baharevich: "It all depends on the publisher. From the Publisher" Logvinov "… But I will say that the Belarusian situation with publishers has its own specifics. In the sense that neither the creator nor the publisher will never know exactly when will the book . I mean personal-independent publishers. "
Kalinowski: "In many of your works ironic allusions, any kind of mind-blowing typecasting Kashkina or Belarusians to crystal balls, yet many of them known the realities of modern Belarus … Tell yourself as you outline your own style, literary direction?"
Baharevich: "My answer is: I never motivate literary schools, directions or something similar. For me the important contribution to the art of each taken separately creator. For me the main thing is the creator in his ability or talent for magic. Miracle I believe the foundation ground for creativity. Without this capability, you can be an innovator and avant-garde, a traditionalist, known or unknown, but without the real magic of this man of letters will not. "
Kalinowski: "Philosopher Valentin Akudovich referred misanthropic your prose because, as he explained in the description of the man mercilessly Baharevicha the same as that of the famous hero of Moliere? Agree with the philosopher?"
Baharevich: "Yes, I can say, though it may sound rather naive for a man my age, but I do not like people do not like the world’s population and is convinced that the world’s population, or people like to just unreal, you can adore individuals, units themselves . Own relatives friends … But not abstract totality of people. Yeah, I chelovekanenavistnik, and not afraid to admit it. want to say that in fact, the creator who thinks that he loves the world’s population, it must adore and themselves as part of it, but I myself do not like, or do not feel like a man. nor as to the creator no sympathy, and I can assure you and assure students that it really is. "
Kalinowski: "In 2001, you wrote about the Belarusians on crystal balls — three years later Alexander Lukashenko said Belarus as a crystal vase … Apparently, the case, and he can read your work …"
Baharevich: "I doubt very much that he read my essay. It seems to me that the Emperor Lukashenko — people such type which is generally not able to receive literature. I think every real creator, I have this, this is another question, laid some ability to predictions, the ability to go ahead events of today.
While on the other side and modernity — is also a myth. I love the expression of that reality, the present and the word "now" — this is just a dream someone who died.
As for today’s Belarusian control, I’m very, very sorry that such people are at the head of the whole euro countries. In Germany, too impudent enough, vulgar and talentless but is evident and is in contrast between Germany and Belarus, that there are not these people occupy leadership positions. "
Kalinowski: "Algirdas previously you wrote poems, and now?"
Baharevich: "I write poems, but unlike prose do not consider them something special. I do my best not to show them to the big public. These verses I read his own wife or from time to time on the books presentations own friends, because poetry more applicable to the recitation. "
Kalinowski: "You once wrote:" Oh, my dear little heart Germanic tongue Heritage thy inexhaustible sources … Now you hear the German language every day, because you live in Hamburg. Why did you move to Germany?
Baharevich: "I have been in Germany that writing a novel. General I dreaded word" novel ", because for young writers to which I belong, this concept carries within itself a big risk. The young writer is not difficult to get lost in the words and if he gives a narrative and considers it a novel, it’s just funny. On the other hand, the efforts of the young writer to write a huge thick book also turns that person produces words without any meaning. In Germany I am writing a novel and after long hesitation, I braked on "Magpie on the gallows." For people who are knowledgeable in the art, this title, I think almost everyone will say, it refers to one very famous works such is not now the forgotten artist. If we talk about why I moved to Germany, then let it be lurking. The only thing I can say is that I do not like Belarus, I at some point I felt this country, as a country that I will lose in the end. At some point, we all move away to another world, are absent. but did not want to lose what I have only valuable. I realized when I was in Belarus, I have the reader and critic, and specifically for them I work. "

Algirdas Baharevichn was born in 1975 in Minsk. Finished filfak Minsk Pedagogical University. Worked as a teacher, journalist, recent years constantly engaged in literary work. Created 3 books of prose. For the first — "Practical Guide to ruin cities," which was released in 2002, won the Society of free writers’ Clay Veles ". In 2003 he published the book "Natural colors", in 2006 — "No mercy for Mr. Valentine." According to the survey website "New Europe" named best Belarusian writer 2006. His works were translated into foreign languages 5.

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