Already a few days ORT representatives held in solitary confinement

"Star" in 1937, writes about the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of the BSSR "Rastranzhyrvanne municipal funds kutsyazhy and banquets had no boundaries … Every sports parade, competitions, meetings, etc. were spent in order to drink and excellent hearty meal . example, in a report presented for the baby sports contest more than half of the accounts consist of expenses spent on quality wines and vodka, cigarettes and cheap kashtuyuchyya things like "child" items. Condominium former business manager of the Committee Ginburga transformed into a real hangout for kutsyazhov and debauchery " .
"Russian Belarus" in 1987, reports the completion of trial originators of the Chernobyl tragedy, "More than 3 weeks trial lasted. were heard 10s witnesses and victims, investigative materials analyzed, the results of the government commission, the findings of professionals and professionals. All this allowed again ensure real causes of the tragedy, return this picture of what happened, just to prove the guilt of the defendants. {One of the main perpetrators of the tragedy recognized last station director V.Bruhanav}. "
"Name" in 1997 prints the statement of a group of Belarusian journalists: "July 26 for a report on the situation on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border were detained Head of the Belarusian ORT bureau Pavel Sheremet, ORT cameraman Dmitry Zavadsky and ORT Technical Officer Yaroslav Ovchinnikov. They are accused of illegally crossing the border. Already several days ORT representatives held in solitary confinement. Relatives, friends and colleagues are not aware of their condition … Judging by the actions of law enforcement agencies, judicial execution preparing against journalists. "

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