And the boycott, and the role in the elections lead to legitimize the regime

Tsigankov: "How can explain fluctuations in the opposition during this election? Soim BPF meeting September 20 changed its earlier decision to remove candidates from the party from elections. UCP weighed 5 candidates, while others remained. Or has not diminished the credibility and weight of the democratic forces in the result of these fluctuations? "

Denis MelyantsouMelyantsou: "Fluctuations were the lack of a consolidated position on the elections SLM. Indeed, from the beginning there was a realization, or participate in or boycott the elections — and in what form.
You can definitely say that it does not increase the chances of the opposition. After all, it would only confuse voters who do not understand what is happening and what is the general line of the opposition. Minsk plastered with stickers of the boycott, and on the other hand, some Democratic candidates still running for — it makes the mixture in the minds of voters who do not understand what’s going on yet. "
Tsigankov: "Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front, Viktor Ivashkevich our morning broadcast said that" a significant portion of the funds and representatives of various public organizations and diplomatic missions of the West for some reason forcefully demand that representatives of the united democratic forces went to the polls until the end. " How can we explain such a position of Western politicians and can not see this as a step towards recognition of the elections? "
Melyantsou: "In my opinion, and the boycott, and the role of the opposition in the elections with a similar probability leads to legitimize the regime in the presence of the respective political will on the part of the West. If the opposition boycotting the election, it allows authorities to falsify the areas because elections will be uncontested. Then likely to report the OSCE observers will be positive, and this will lead to the recognition of the election. If the opposition is involved, it can lead to the fact that the authorities will dare to miss a few opposition members in the parliament, which also lead to the recognition of these elections.
I see here a variety of motivation on the part of Western politicians who are willing to do better things with Belarus to end the existence of "Belarusian issue" and therefore they need to present opposition in parliament. "
Tsigankov: "And what will do West, if September 29 will be announced that none of the opposition in Parliament has not passed? And Alexander Lukashenko will say something like: "we have done everything possible, but the people did not support them?"
Melyantsou: "It seems to me, some of the country quickly recognize the elections in the sole order, even if the OSCE report is not very positive. Judging by today’s applications and personal conversations, they say international observers about undemocratic electoral campaign, but little progress ascertain compared with previous elections. And a phrase in the finish OSCE report — about the "progress" — could give rise to European structures, individual European states to recognize these elections. "

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