Andrew Takindang: Belarus — the country designed for happiness

August 12, the world celebrated the international day of youth, the threshold of which we invited our studio student Belarusian Minsk Municipal Institute of Culture and Art of Andrew Takidanga. Andrew writes poetry and music, is engaged in painting, leads musical workshop for teens at the Minsk Palace of Youth, he was one of the creators of the musical group "Echo".
"Painters envy musicians, because they constantly accompany applause"
Michas Scoble: "Andrew, you and painter, poet and musician and artist … All your talents are hard to enumerate. And who still would like for you to be? What art dedicate his life? "
Andrew Takindang: "Thank you so generously gave me talents … In fact, I’m just doing the first steps, looking herself. Because reply directly to me until hard. But I know for sure — I will not run away from art. I think that the music is very empty roots in my life. Though what kind of art — this first idea. And what materials you will express this idea — a purely technical matter. "
Scoble: "You are one of the creators of the musical group" Echo "that is popular among young people. Which music do you prefer?"
Takindang: "All future participants" Echo "were initially painters, painters only. We then studied at the Art Institute. Painters And from time to time envious of musicians. Indeed making painter? Sits in a calm, writes his painting. A music always accompanied by applause …
Because we kind of got together and decided to test himself in the musical sense. Uniformly joined to the idea we need people and create an "echo". Why "Echo"? It’s such a neutral title under which can be make musical experiences. For example, if we used what some called the "dark lightning", you should be able to play languid music. Or if we have chosen the title "Zhaleyka", it seems, would rather focus on folk. And we in the "Echo" wanted to do something in music unpredictable even to the members of the group and feel free in the creative life. "
"For me was really authentic folk system of the Republic of Chad"
Scoble: "At one of the concerts you beheld in an unusual outfit — a longish colored shirt. Couturier who is busy stage of your style?"
Takindang: "As I have said," Echo "is a broad approach to music. We have tried to participate in a variety of concerts — in the" Bard of autumn "and" iron "festivals. And then held ethno-festival, and we decided" add flavor "and wear African costumes. then and I was really authentic folk system of the Republic of Chad."
Scoble: "How do I know it is the birthplace of your father?"
Takindang: "Yes, he was born there."
Scoble: "You yourself still a student in the fall go to the fifth course. Already have your own studio, his school in Minsk Palace of Youth. How do you feel as a teacher?"
Takindang: "I have a music studio circle. This is an ordinary practice. Many of Belarusian musicians arranged for such work in order to get a roof over his head to be able to conduct rehearsals. So I have. My friends and I can not collect there, scheming and implement certain musical projects. And I have experience drawing teacher. malehankih I work with children and give them the original painting lessons. This is more severe and languid work that asks a lot of spiritual energy. "
Scoble: "I read one critic, that your work is very colorful African perceptible color. This leaves you on a subconscious level, or savannah easier for you to draw than the Belarusian landscape with forest and river?"
Takindang: "Certainly, the nature of the artist’s impact on his work. I never set a goal for yourself to refer to the ideas of Chad in Africa. But maybe it somehow involuntarily leaves. On the other hand, what is" African colors " ? With what colors though every painter can operate completely free. Artistic experience is impossible without playing with color politrila. Especially since a young age allowed "hooligans" in art. Certainly, some African genes affected in my works, but I specifically this do not do. "
"I do not neglect to paint portraits to order, because without hard for money"
Scoble: "I know that you occasionally write portraits. This is dictated by some real interests, or is too creative for the soul?"
Takindang: "I have as an artist now a happy period in his life. All my paintings are created for the soul. I am very happy with that when creativity comes to have a wealth Exchange. But when I sit down at my easel, then do not think about commerce. I have some creative desire that I can not suspend and keep under control. "
Scoble: "And for you do not annoy your friends, classmates, say, write my portrait …"
Takindang: "If I like the model, and I want to write it, then I myself will annoy her, and go after the man begged. Another thing happens when trash. You are invited to a company party, you sit quietly with a notebook and makes a lovely portrait. So that people liked. confess I do not disdain such occupation. Indeed, in life without hard for funds. "
"In Minsk, underpasses, we are prepyadstviya with the police"
Scoble: "On August 12 in globally celebrated the international day of youth. As you consider whether the Belarusian youth the opportunity for self-realization? Here you are, a student of the Institute of Culture, a creative person, you have such an opportunity? "
Takindang: "If there is an inner desire of creativity for you when fire burns inside, which forces you to be creative, then you will create in all criteria. After this process is not depending on you.
But I want to say something else. For example, when we went to speak to Peter, walked through the streets of St. Petersburg and everywhere beheld musicians, painters, who were playing for the soul, for the soul and wrote with all this money earned. Felt that they freely and comfortably in the streets. And in Minsk underground passages we are the problem.
We occasionally, but try making music on the street. Unless bad weather, good mood, rehearsal went well, why not play on satisfaction for yourself and the people? Well, a penny earned. But the main thing — to give people happiness. We have not once approached the police and forced to leave. With all of this were that, they say, we like, but there will be swiftly passes our superiors, he might not have caught.
Earlier, three or four years back, I met quite often underpasses musicians who played the flute, guitars and violins. Now they’re gone. Become tougher with this, I do not know why. The result — in our streets sad. Buskers on the limits to anyone anywhere. This vain prazdnichek! People improve their skills and earn money. City will only prettier. When the streets are not the music, the atmosphere resembles a city standing water. "
Scoble: "Now many groups complain that do not have permission to perform there, where they hunt. For you and your" Echo "lack of audience?"
Takindang: "Hunting, of course, a larger audience. Certain period We had such a lull in concert. NOT creative, and specifically in concert, we rarely spoke. And at the moment has come such a time when there is something to give to people. And we plan to intensify their concert activities. Essentially, very important for musicians in constant contact with the public. On her own concerts in the province, we feel hungry people on art. There are very appreciative audience. Because — we have before us a vast field of activity. "
Scoble: "But the fact that some of your same age or a little older young people, especially in the spring, summer and well, too, are arrested, are sitting" day ", months, years in the slammer, it hurts
you? Either their business, their political activity for you to not close? "
Takindang: "It’s always annoying when people behind bars. Especially since — when for their political beliefs. I recently read in the newspaper that we have very highest percentage of prisoners. Well, I do not think that we are not so little thieves and murderers … That I, as a painter, as a musician, I can offer to those who are deprived of liberty? I think that with my artmakes itt the world slightly more cheerful. "
"Belarus — edge, God-given, created for happiness"
Scoble: "And yet," at least a little, at least a little about Africa, about the tropics, "wrote Pimen Panchenko. Your mom — Belarusian father came from Chad — country in the heart of the African continent. Either you do not pull on the father’s home, do you feel verbovanie Africa? "
Takindang: "Previously felt. And at the moment so falls in life that will soon have to fly there. And contact with African relatives becomes more or less constant. Due to modern means of communication — the web, mobile phones."
Scoble: "And that was such an opportunity — that of the African landscape, with its nature, you would have moved to Belarus? Either country Belarus — self-sufficient, and for you it just enough?"
Takindang: "At the moment there are such great summer days, and I often walk through the streets of Minsk and rejoice in glory people. And not so long ago came from the village of Lepel — there is also happy, there is so much beauty! Indeed, God-given region. Belarus — the country designed for happiness, I am convinced. Simply have this happiness internal resource of spiritual forces.
And Africa, it so good that she is one. As one of Belarus. Because traveling to Belarus African mountains, I think it is not necessary. As in Africa transplanted Belarusian forest. Such failures that Belarus has no Sea. People are accustomed to go to the Crimea or the Baltic. Belarus and Africa — self-contained, all is dependent on human resource. A man to be happy, have to rely on our own strength. "
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